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Welcome to our Resource Center for RoomMates Decor! Here you can find answers to questions about our products, how our wall decals work, application and removal guides for various product types, information on designing custom wall decals and much more.

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  • Wall Decals

    Wall Decals

    Learn the dos and don'ts of RoomMates wall decals.

  • StickTILES


    Learn how to apply StickTILES, installation tips & tricks!

  • Custom Wall Decals

    Answers to all your custom wall decal questions from how to personalize, create custom wall decals, and use our Designer Studio!

  • Wallpaper


    Fast and easy tips, and ideas for applying our prepasted wallpaper and borders.

  • XL Murals

    XL Murals

    Answers to all your questions about our prepasted XL wallpaper murals.

  • how-to-hang-wall-decals-and-murals

    How To

    Simple guides to help walk you through applying wall decals, wallpaper, or murals.

  • General Questions

    General Questions

    Everything else you need to know about RoomMates, our history, and how to get in touch with us.

  • Customer Service

    Customer Service

    Information on shipping, returns, damaged goods, and more.

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Wall Decals

What exactly are wall decals?

Where are RoomMates made?

What makes RoomMates wall decals so special?

Is there latex in the decals?

Can I clean my wall decals?

Are RoomMates safe for kids?

How do I remove my wall decals?

How do I store my wall decals if I want to save them for later?


Applying Wall Decals

Where can I apply RoomMates?

Where shouldn't I apply RoomMates?

Can I apply RoomMates to textured surfaces?

Can I apply RoomMates in my bathroom?

How about my car?

Can I apply wall decals to a room I just painted?


How To: Application Guides

How to apply wall decals?

How to easily apply giant wall decals?

How to apply transfer wall decals?

How to apply XL wallpaper murals?

How to remove wall decals?


Custom Wall Decals: General Questions

What are custom wall decals?

What are my options for custom design?

What is the difference between personalization and customization?

I'm not a designer. Is the custom design process hard?

Do I have a character limit on my personalization?

What if I want to create a custom wall decal for by business?

Is there anything I can’t create in the custom studio?

Why was my custom wall decal design rejected?

What is my custom wall decal printed out on?

How do I know if a wall decal is available for customization?

What are custom wall decals?

Help! I made a mistake after I ordered my custom design. What should I do?


Custom Cut Wall Decals

What is a custom cut wall decal?

How do I make the cut outs on my custom cut wall decal?

Is there anything I can't cut out?


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