Jane Dixon Wall Decals

Jane Dixon Wall Decals

Jane Dixon Headshot

Jane Dixon is a self-taught artist, beginning as a watercolor painter at age 14. She sold her paintings through galleries and dealers for many years. In the mid-nineties she delved into corporate art, learning about teamwork, professionalism, and design. Computer software for illustration and design soon fascinated her and she found many jobs in which to employ these new skills: Art Buyer, Graphic Designer, Photo Stylist, Product Designer, and Illustrator.

Originally from Austin, Texas, Jane now lives in the Chicago area with her patient husband and bossy dog. Creating sophisticatedly whimsical designs for textiles, fashion, home décor, and stationery is what she's been busy doing since 2007.

Jane's Vision

Jane always dreamt of being an entrepreneur and was afforded the opportunity in 2007 when she opened her own studio in the Chicago area, creating surface design for a variety of products. Marketing at design trade shows since 2012, she has further extended her opportunities to meet and collaborate with a great many people and their unique projects.