Wallpaper Calculator

To calculate the amount of wallpaper you will need for your project, we recommend utilizing the below calculator. To do this, you will need: 

  • Tape measure (a flexible one will yield the most precise results)
  • Product-specific information (pattern repeat, roll height and width) 

Each roll of wallpaper has the type and measurement of design repeat listed on it. This is essential to take into consideration when calculating, since the size of the repeat determines how much waste (eliminated coverage) will be accrued throughout the installation process. 

First, select the appropriate room shape for the space you will be installing the wallpaper in on the calculator. Then, enter the height and width of the walls. If you are covering more than one wall, be sure to take the tallest wall’s measurement as the height, and add the width of each wall together as the input for ‘width’.

If there are doors and windows in the space, be sure to notate how many of each, and provide the height and width.

In the wallpaper section, input the length and width of the roll, as well as the pattern repeat. This information can be found at the bottom of each wallpaper product’s description on our website.

For the best results, we recommend rounding measurements up, as well as accounting for mistakes or waste ahead of time by purchasing 10-15% more than you think you will need.

For example, if the calculator says 10 rolls are needed, we recommend purchasing 1-2 additional rolls to account for error.

If you need additional assistance determining the amount of wallpaper you will need in order to complete your project, please contact us - we are happy to help get you rolling!


Omni Wallpaper Calculator