Frequently Asked Peel and Stick Backsplash Questions

Have questions about our StickTILES®? Learn about installation, answers to common questions, and more below in our easy guide to installing your own backsplash.

What are StickTILES®?

StickTILES® is a brand new product designed and created by RoomMates giving you the look of real tile for a fraction of the cost.  Transform a bathroom wall or kitchen backsplash, for example, into an attractive and protective new surface. StickTILES® will instantly change the look of your room! The adhesive backing on each decorative sheet allows for quick and easy installation-simply peel and stick.

How many StickTILES® come in a pack?

Four (4) StickTILES® sheets come in every package. Each tile is 10.5 inches X 10.5 inches.  Depending on the layout of the tile design – a package will cover approximately between 2.25 to 3 square feet.

What temperatures are best suited for StickTILES®?

We recommend installing StickTILES® at an ambient (normal and comfortable) room temperature, neither too cold nor too hot. StickTILES® are NOT recommended for commercial or outdoor applications, as extreme weather conditions are likely to compromise the adhesive properties of the product.

Can StickTILES® be placed around heat?

Once installed, StickTILES® are resistant to heat and humidity. However, it is imperative that there is not direct contact with open flames and StickTILES®. If your installation involves the areas behind a gas range that doesn’t have a rear protective panel, allow for a distance of at least 15 inches away from any open flames.

Will StickTILES® work in a humid environment?

Yes, StickTILES® will work in humid environments such as bathrooms, however, please follow the tips below:

  • Do not apply if walls are damp, moist or wet (walls must be perfectly dry during installation)
  • Do not expose StickTILES® to direct steam or submerge in water

Can I put StickTILES® on freshly painted walls?

We recommend waiting up to three weeks for fresh paint to cure before putting your StickTILES®  on the wall to ensure best results. As new paint will “sweat” when curing, this may compromise the adhesive properties of StickTILES®, which is why a full three weeks is recommended.

How do I clean my StickTILES® once on the wall?

To clean StickTILES®, use a damp sponge or cotton cloth with a mild soap and warm water. Do not saturate the surface. Do not use any cleaning agents or abrasive cleaners.


Do I really need to clean my wall before applying StickTILES®?

Always apply StickTILES® to dry and clean surfaces. Make sure the surface is free of dust or grease as the adhesive will stick to any residue, which may result in loosening of the tile. 

We recommend wiping down the wall with an all-purpose wall cleaner before installation. This will ensure StickTILES® will best adhere to the wall. Make sure the wall is completely dry before applying StickTILES®.


What surfaces are best to install StickTILES® on?

StickTILES® work great on:

  • Painted gypsum (allow 3 weeks of “curing time” for freshly painted walls)
  • On top of existing, smooth and clean ceramic tiles (to resurface)
  • Wall panel (acrylic)
  • Wall linoleum
  • Mirrors
  • Wallpaper or wallcoverings

What surfaces are StickTILES® not recommended for?

StickTILES® are not suited for porous surfaces such as stucco walls, unfinished walls (gypsum or plaster), stones, bricks, untreated plywood, inside shower walls and commercial/outdoor applications.

Even with non-recommended surface, with the use of a strong spray adhesive, you will be amazed at how StickTILES® may perform. Try one full tile in an inconspicuous area if you suspect you may be working with a difficult surface and want to vet performance prior to doing the entire job. When conducting a test, always wait a few days after applying one or two tiles prior to hanging more tiles.

How do I install StickTILES®?

Start by measuring the surface you want to cover and then completely clean for optimum adhesive conditions. Then cut the sheets as needed with well-sharpened scissors, peel, and apply to the wall. It’s that easy!

How do I install StickTILES® around outlets?

StickTILES® are easy to custom fit. Simply measure the area on the wall where the outlet or switch plate is. Transfer those measurements onto the StickTILES® sheet and cut!

I am installing StickTILES® for the first time. What installation tips can you provide me?

Follow these handy installation tips when working with StickTILES®:

  • When installing peel and stick backsplashes to the wall, always start at the bottom corner of the wall and work your way up and out.
  • Fold back 1/3 of the protective paper backing, apply to wall and continue to peel back as you place the tile on the wall. This will help with alignment.
  • Make sure to overlap the grout line of each tile. This will ensure the grout line remains even.
  • Keep a credit card or plastic smoother handy and press across each applied sheet after it is firmly on the wall to ensure the best possible adhesion.
  • Do not remove the sheet’s top layer of protective film until it is firmly placed on the wall and you are certain of placement.

My StickTILE® appears to be loose on the wall. What should I do?

StickTILES® are engineered to adhere to many surfaces; however, different surface treatments may impact the adhesive properties of the product.  If you notice curling or loosening, simply use a strong bond adhesive spray on your tiles (or directly onto the surface).  Even with this extra step, StickTILES® are still easier, and more affordable, to install than ANY other genuine or man-made tile.


Can I easily remove my StickTILES® from the wall?

Please note, StickTILES® are an adhesive tile and can be removed if needed, but removal may cause damage to the wall. Follow these steps to remove. Begin at the corner of each tile sheet and carefully peel off the wall. Use a hair dryer on low heat as you are peeling back the tile to assist with removal. Direct the heat of the hair dryer to the corners, so the heat reaches under the tile enabling the warm air to directly target the adhesive. Pull straight down. Do not apply heat directly to wall as it may cause the paint to blister.

Can I re-use my StickTILES® after removing from the wall?

No - StickTILES® are not reusable. While StickTILES® are not permanent, aggressive adhesive is used so there may be a need for minor wall repair after removal.