Frequently Asked Wall Mural Questions

RoomMates Murals are similar to a very large over-sized wall poster that is anything but ordinary.

What is the difference between a wallpaper mural and a peel & stick mural?

RoomMates wallpaper murals are printed using SureStrip technology allowing them to be 100% removable. Unlike most wallpaper murals, that are not easy to remove and require paste, our wallpaper murals require only water to hang and peel off in seconds when ready to remove leaving zero sticky residue behind on the wall. Wallpaper murals are also oversized graphics that are up to 15 feet wide. Peel and stick murals are printed on removable and repositionable peel and stick vinyl. Similar to wall decals, peel and stick to apply. Peel and stick murals are large graphics that are up to 5 feet wide.

How do I apply my XL wallpaper mural?

Every wallpaper mural is made up of 7-10 individual strips, which makes applying the full design manageable. Each strip is numbered, and murals come with a guide that lets you know in which order to place them. Just simply cut each strip off the roll, dip it in water, and bring it to your wall. Click here to read or print out our detailed mural application instructions. We also made a short video below to show you how to apply our XL wallpaper mural to the wall.

Are murals reusable?

Peel and stick murals are reusable. Just be careful not to allow the panel backing to stick together when removing. Our wallpaper murals are removable only.

How do I remove my wall mural?

Both RoomMates wallpaper murals and wall murals are removable. Just pick a corner and pull; the mural will come off in full strips without residue or damage.

Are wall murals safe for walls if renting?

Yes! Both wallpaper murals and wall murals peel off the wall in minutes without leaving sticky residue behind making them safe for the walls of both renters and homeowners.

How do I clean my mural?

If anything gets on your mural, it can be cleaned with warm water and a dab of soap. Blot at the dirt and wipe it gently away.

Do wallpaper murals contain phthalates?

Our XL wallpaper murals do not contain phthalates. The inks used on wall murals are also non-toxic. We want to make sure our products are safe for everyone, including children, which is why all of our products undergo testing and are CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) compliant.

Why do I need to “prime” my wall before putting up a wallpaper mural?

Primer is a special sealant that prevents paste from being absorbed into the drywall or sheetrock. It also allows the paste on the back of your mural to “grip” the wall. Primer is important to use prior to wallpaper mural application, as it makes future removal of your mural much easier, and also ensures that it will stick properly without curling or separating between panels.