Styling Do's and Don’ts with Wallpaper

Wallpaper is on a roll, and we’re not joking. This decorating tradition is no longer a throwback idea of a bygone design era. With quality removable wallpaper options, it is the latest marvel in home decorating trends. You’re sure to find a selection that suits your personal vibe with a vast number of styles to choose from.

It’s important to know that there are guidelines for adding wallpaper to your space. These styling dos and don’ts get you on the right track to give your place a fresh, new look with half the work.

Choose Wallpaper That Matches Your Style

These are three of the most important words to remember when choosing wallpaper:

  1.     Pattern: The design or print that draws your eyes to the wallpaper.
  2.     Texture: The surface of your wallpaper, which is flat or raised to give a wall a refined appearance or added dimension.
  3.     Color: The vibrancy and richness that sets the tone of the space.

All of these elements work together to give wallpaper that wow factor when you enter a room. However, too much of a good thing is a real possibility when you choose designs, colors and textures that don’t work well in a particular area. It’s best to test the waters and put up some samples, so you get an idea whether the theme works or not. This way, you can see how a larger area will look when a room is complete.

Start Small and Go From There

A good place to begin is in a smaller room like a bathroom. Bathrooms are great because of the limited wall space that allows you to build your design skills. If you are using peel and stick wallpaper, you can match up seams and edges with the ability to stick them on the wall and then do some readjustments as needed.

Watch Your Print Size

Prints that are too large for a room or too small are wallpaper no-nos. Size is essential when choosing patterns or prints. Bold choices are great but make sure they fit the interior design rule of proper scale, so you get a beautiful outcome.

If you have a larger room, a larger print will do just fine. The same goes for smaller rooms. Apply a wallpaper with a smaller pattern to the walls of a smaller room to please the scale and not overdo the space.

Avoid the Busy Look

Wallpaper that has too much action going on detracts from the charm of a room. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns or be bold with your color choices. The important thing is to make certain your selections compliment the room and the furnishings. For inspiration to complete your room, browse some photos from contestants that used our wallpaper for the One Room Challenge!

Get a Great Product

Always choose a wallpaper you truly love. That is the key to happiness with any home décor project. With a high-quality product and so many different patterns to choose from, you can't go wrong purchasing any or our peel and stick wallpapers, murals, or decals.

RoomMates Décor is an industry leader in quality, decorative wallcoverings. Our styles and colors make your home the perfect palette for a home improvement project. Check out our peel and stick wallpaper options today and get started on your best home life.

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