With summer in full bloom, it’s the perfect time to refresh your space with the latest home decor trends using RoomMates Decor peel and stick wallpaper. This season, we are seeing a lot of bold color blocking, funky curves, twinkling celestials, and cooling botanicals. Read along to see how you can feature these sizzling hot patterns in your space.

Color Blocking: Bold and Beautiful

Color blocking is a technique which uses large blocks of contrasting colors to create a bold visual effect. We tend to see color blocking in fashion, interior design and art. Add a burst of energy and color block with vivid color palettes! It is all about combining contrasting colors to create vibrant and visual contrast in your design/home decor; perfect for an accent wall or adding playfulness to your space!

We recommend pairing the following peel and stick wallpaper designs with complimentary colors to create a more balanced look. Experiment with color blocking in unconventional ways like on ceilings, furniture or windowsills for a fun touch.


Emily Rayna Framework




Mid-Century Geometric


Modern Brushstrokes

Embrace the Wave: Funky Curves Creating Dynamic Spaces

Funky curves are another major home decor trend this summer, bringing a sense of movement to your walls. Give your walls a break from structure and offer a more relaxed and whimsical vibe. Add an accent wall to create a focal point or cover all the walls to create a fluid, cohesive look.

Perfect for creative and eclectic interiors, adding some movement through curves, like in this Emily Rayna Lineation print, will up the character and uniqueness of your space.


Mosaic Waves


Emily Rayna Pathways


Emily Rayna Lineation


Open Geometric

Moonlit Magic: Enchant Your Walls with Celestial Patterns

Capture the beauty of the night sky: from twinkling stars to moons and other celestial patterns, these designs bring dreamy magic to your walls. Celestial patterns are timeless. Present throughout history, celestial imagery has been seen in art, architecture and literature, creating a long-standing tradition which continues to play a part in inspiring modern design. Celestial patterns are also calming, due to their gentle lines and muted colors. Perfect for any space or cozy corner, whether as an accent wall, ceiling or covering an entire room , these patterns create a place of wonder.


Upon A Star


Mr. Kate Luna Zodiac Toile


Twinkle Little Star


Modern Crescent Moon

Relax and Refresh: Embrace the Calm with Soothing Botanicals

Stay cool this summer by bringing the outdoors in, with soothing botanical patterns inspired by lush tropics and delicate florals. These designs are the key to creating a relaxing and spa-like space in any room, making them perfect for living areas, bathrooms or offices. Compliment with natural textures and decor like wood or rattan to enhance the organic feel.


Mr. Kate Hilo Tropical Island


Boho Palm


Finlayson Bunaken


Cottage Vine

Summer 2024 is all about embracing something new and reflecting your personality throughout your space. Whether you are drawn to funky, energetic patterns, or whimsical and botanical designs, there’s a pattern sure to suit your decor needs perfectly.

Explore these trends and transform your home into the perfect summer getaway on roommatesdecor.com!