Not All Peel & Stick Wallpapers Are Created Equally

Choosing to wallpaper your space is a big decision. What pattern? What brand? What kind of wallpaper? There are so many questions. Luckily, the recent popularity of peel and stick wallpaper, with its simple installation and removability features, has made it easier for consumers to commit to decorating with wallpaper.  However, it may not be quite as simple as picking between your favorite peel and stick wallpaper patterns, and that’s when choosing the right brand comes into play. 

Why? Because not all peel and stick wallpaper is created equally, and the wrong kind of product can seriously damage your walls.

As peel and stick wallpaper becomes more popular, we have noticed that an increasing amount of products on the market use standard adhesives that, while being touted as removable and repositonable, aren't truly engineered for total removability over longer periods of time.

Not All Peel and Stick Wallpaper Is Created Equally

While these products may seem to perform the same during installation, over time, these adhesives migrate onto the walls, leaving a sticky residue behind upon removal. In worst case scenarios, the adhesive can fuse directly with the wall, taking paint and dry wall with them when they are removed. 

Walls Damaged By Poor Peel And Stick Adhesive

Our RoomMates Brand Promise guarantees that - with proper installation - the product will stick to the walls for as long as you need, and yet will remove cleanly and damage-free when it’s time to update. The adhesives used in our peel and stick wallpaper are specifically engineered for wall applications with safe removal as our top priority. They will not pull paint off or damage your drywall, even after they’ve stayed on for a long time. 

Removing peel and stick wallpaper clean

This formula also guarantees that our peel and stick wallpaper is safe for other applications as well. Use on furniture, electronics, artwork and so much more, all with the assurance of mind that you can remove whenever you want without damaging the surface. 

RoomMates Peel And Stick Wallpaper Is Guaranteed Removable

So, when it comes to quality, performance, and incredible value, RoomMates has taken the guess-work out of the equation for you. Now, you still have to make up your mind about which amazing color and design you like the most, but with RoomMates peel and stick wallpaper, your choice can be worry free.

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