RV Bathroom Renovation with Peel and Stick Tiles

For a lot of people, travel is a life-long goal. Sharing an exotic location or memorable road trip with someone you love is extra exciting. The collective experience binds you together; something that only the two of you share.

Cat and Gary Utley are one such couple. Living just south of Washington, DC they are passionate about travel and love taking international trips or simply visiting friends and family in neighboring states. Towanda, the RV, has helped them scratch their wanderlust itch.

“We love venturing out and discovering hidden gems and meeting new people,” they said. “It’s always been our dream to own a RV and travel the country, and we feel so blessed to have found Towanda.”

Cat and Gary worked on their RV bathroom renovation with Peel and Stick Tiles from RoomMates. Lightweight and durable, Stick Tiles are a great option for DIY renovators and decorators. Easy to use, they provide a gorgeous tiled finish without the hassle of traditional tile. Cat and Gary shared their experience of installing Stick Tiles with us to show that it is easy to personalize your space.

RV Renovation With Stick Tiles

What is the meaning behind Towanda, the name of your RV?

One of Cat's favorite movies growing up was Fried Green Tomatoes. There is a scene when Evelyn Couch (Kathy Bates) slams into two younger women’s car while screaming “Towanda!” after they stole her parking space. Urban Dictionary says, "It's a term that's used to express extreme excitement while doing something crazy." For us, Towanda was the only word that could describe how we were feeling at that very moment when we bought the RV.

Did you plan on renovating Towanda from the beginning?

We both love DIY projects and fixer-uppers, and knew before purchasing a RV that we'd want to fix one up. However, we were only interested in owning one that required cosmetic enhancements after we read horror stories about water damage and black mold in RVs. Fortunately, Towanda doesn't have any major issues, so we've been able to have a lot of fun with her interior. The wood grained walls, blue carpet and floral patterns were outdated and not our style. We've painted the walls white and will eventually add pops of color and wallpaper along with art and eclectic pieces that we pick up on our travels. Our goal is for people to forget they're in a RV, and we feel as though we're headed in the right direction!


How did you hear about RoomMates Stick Tiles?

We did a lot of research on adhesive tiles but weren't pleased with what other companies had to offer. Everything we found had outdated prints or bad reviews until we found Roommates! We ordered immediately because we finally saw a pattern that we loved. They had great reviews and were within our price range.

What made you decide to use Stick Tiles?

The convenience! They’re forgiving, light weight, not labor intensive, no extra materials or hardware needed (besides scissors) and there's hardly any mess.

Where did you install the Stick Tiles? 

We stuck them on the wall behind the sink in the bathroom of Towanda. It was a tricky spot due to the curvature of the huge window but still only took us less than two hours.

Before Stick Tiles

What made you select the Classic Marble Penny Stick Tiles? 

We love the shape and look of these tiles! They look so fresh and are exactly what we'd want in a "real" tile.

What are your favorite features of the Stick Tiles?

The protective plastic sheet that covers the tile is awesome. We were able to measure and mark where we previously had holes for our blinds without having to mark up the actual tiles. Easy instructions were a bonus!

Stick Tiles From RoomMates

Tell us about your installation experience.

It would have been an easy installation if we had picked a better wall with less curvature. However, it was still a breeze in comparison to actually putting real tile on the walls. The RV was freezing at the time, so we used a blow dryer to heat up the adhesive and then once we stuck the tiles on the wall, we made sure to press down and apply more heat to be on the safe side. We made a few measurement mistakes but were able to use a razor to cut the edges to correct our mistakes.

What have the Stick Tiles done for your space?

They make the bathroom look so amazing. It doesn't feel like a RV bathroom, and that's exactly what we were looking for. They look and feel real and we're so excited!

Stick Tile RV Renovation

Do you have any tips for others installing the Stick Tiles?

Lay out the sheets of tile and measure as accurately as you can before putting them on the wall. Having a visual of which way you want the tiles to go will help out immensely.  We messed up a few times, but it was easy to remove and re-stick. It was an extremely forgiving and easy process.

After the RV is completed, what are your plans?

Right now, we're taking weekend trips and plan on exploring up north to Maine and the North East when it gets warmer! We eventually would like to go on monthly and possibly year-long adventures when the timing is right and our jobs allow it. Until then, we'll continue doing interior renovations and traveling.

For more of Cat and Gary’s RV renovation, follow them on Instagram @towanda_therv. Shop our entire collection of Stick Tiles here to find the pattern perfect for your project. Read our previous RV renovation blog post for more inspiration.

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