7 Ways To Reuse Old Wallpaper

Removable wallpaper is a great way to add color and personality to a room. However, once your project is complete, you may still have old wallpaper leftover, either because you purchased more than you needed or you had to trim it into irregular shapes to fit your room. 

Fortunately, there are many creative ways to reuse old wallpaper. Here are just a few ideas that you can either put to use yourself or use to spark your own imagination!

1. Drawer Liners

You can use old wallpaper scraps to line the inside of drawers. This helps to protect the drawers against spills and also prevents the items in the drawers from collecting dust that can accumulate over time. Not only that, but using wallpaper for drawer liners adds a splash of color in an unexpected place.

2. Book Covers

Book covers made of leftover wallpaper can make a striking statement on your bookshelves. However, they also serve a more practical purpose of protecting the covers of the books from damage. If you remember when you were in school, your teachers probably required you to cover your books so they'd last longer. The same principle applies to your books at home, and you can still use old peel and stick wallpaper to cover your kids' school books.

3. Inexpensive Artwork

Maybe you have a room where the walls are disappointingly bare, but you aren't sure what to hang there. If you have a scrap of old wallpaper with an interesting print on it, it can make an attractive work of art when put into a frame. Use a couple different prints or frame sizes to start creating a gallery wall and you’ll have a spruced up space in no time.

4. Lampshades

We're not necessarily suggesting that you make lampshades out of leftover wallpaper. However, you can reuse old wallpaper to cover old lampshades to help provide a dark room with more light and to add character to the space.

5. Stair Risers

When it comes to home décor, stair risers represent an area that doesn't get a lot of attention. However, this can change if you have scraps of leftover wallpaper. These allow you to revitalize an area that many people take for granted. Small set of stairs coming into your house? Cut some removable wallpaper to fit and apply! You’ll love the detail wallpapering stair risers can add to your home.

6. Headboard

A headboard for your bed makes the room feel more homey but usually costs extra to purchase. You can create the same effect using large pieces of old wallpaper. You simply cut the wallpaper into a headboard shape of your choosing and apply it behind your bed. Add wall sconces to each side and a few extra accent pillows and you’ll never want to leave your new space.

7. Gift Wrap

As long as you have old wallpaper available, you can save on buying wrapping paper to cover gifts. The best way to use wallpaper as gift wrap is to wrap boxed belongings, while using ribbons to close them up. You can also wrap the presents directly in wrapping paper, but this will make them more difficult to tear open.

With so many creative uses for leftover wallpaper, you can take on a new project with confidence. When you use peel and stick wallpaper from RoomMates Décor, the possibilities endless because you can remove and rearrange the paper as necessary.