5 Ways to Brighten Up a Dark Room

You may imagine your ideal bedroom as a light and airy haven. Or, you may picture yourself pulling aside your living room curtains to see a magnificent ocean or mountain view. There’s not much you can do about what’s outside of your windows, but you can definitely revamp your dark bedroom or living room to create the bright, inspiring getaway you’ve always desired. Here are five affordable ideas for how to brighten up a dark room.

1. Swap Your Dull Paint for Fun, Patterned Wallpaper

Wallpaper is enjoying a comeback right now. While the 2010s were loaded with neutral paint colors and greyscale decorating schemes, peel-and-stick wallpaper that does not damage your walls is a fun way, in this new decade, to express your creativity as well as use light colors to brighten up your favorite room. Dark paint, on the other hand, absorbs light. Break up the dark with light tropical wallpaper patterns that will still match your existing paint.

2. Find Some Light and Airy Wall Art

Art doesn’t just convey feelings. Like your furniture, it sets the tone and the brightness of the overall room emanates. Look for wall art and decals that are not too heavy-looking to help brighten up a dark room. Art with light tones and white backgrounds will pop on even a white wall. Choose wall art that has minimalist frames, but will still match your other décor.

3. Consider a Furniture Makeover

If you have dark furniture that is black, brown, or burgundy in color, it might be time to upgrade your style. It could be as simple as swapping out your dark wood coffee table for one with a slim silhouette and a marble top. If you choose to keep your dark furniture, add in some cream or white throw blankets. Accent pillows also help and by choosing light or bright colors, your furniture will be full of new life. If the room you want to brighten is your bedroom or nursery, a light comforter and some floral wall decals will help!

4. Use Mirrors to Your Advantage

Mirrors reflect light. If you’re working with a dark room, especially one with no windows, use strategically placed mirrors to amplify your room’s brightness. It sounds like a magic trick, but it’s one that works! If you have a large mirror, dress it up with a faux mantle, prop up some floor art, and arrange some plants or candlestick holders to add depth to it.

5. Investigate Your Lighting Options

If your room gets little light due to its location or doesn’t have a window, consider whether it would be a good idea to install more lighting. This could include a set of decorative lamps or a new ceiling fixture installed by an electrician or handy man. Although natural light is best, there is only so much we can change about a room. Consider floor or table lamps to help bring it's own light and a soft feel.

Brightening up a dark room is easy when you have the right materials. Browse the RoomMates Website to discover a wealth of ideas for making your living space one of your dreams.