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4 sheets of 10 inches x 18 inches. Decals range from 3 inches x .8 inches to 7.5 inches x 9 inches

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Celebrate the golden era of MARVEL comics with these retro Super Hero wall decals.

These decals of Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, and more of your favorite characters are a surefire way to delight comic book collectors or super hero fans of any age. You can stick them on any smooth surface, from walls to furniture to doors and windows, and simply peel them away and reposition as needed. Pair them with any of our giant classic MARVEL wall decals to decorate any drab room in a matter of moments!

Our Marvel Classics wall decal pack includes more than 30 decals ranging from 3" x 0.8" to 7.5" x 9" in size. Printed on clear material, the Marvel Classics Wall Decals will work best with light colored or white walls to evoke a “stenciled” look.

How to Apply Our Marvel Wall Decals

To apply the Marvel Classics Wall Decals, slowly peel off the backing and stick to the wall, smoothing out the sticker as you go to remove any creases or air bubbles.

To remove, start from an edge and slowly peel the decal back. Store it on its original backing, or a piece of wax paper, until you’re ready to reapply.

Note: If your surface has been recently painted, allow at least two to three weeks for it to fully cure before applying the decals.

Create a Super Space With Marvel Classic

The Marvel Classics Wall Decals aren’t just for walls. They’ll stick to any smooth, flat surface, so feel free to decorate the doors, dressers or bookcases of your favorite superhero aficionado. This pack will complement our Marvel Super Hero Squad Wall Decals, The Incredible Hulk Giant Wall Decal or Classic X-Men Comic Book Wall Panel to create one supercharged space.

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