Top Peel and Stick Wall Murals

Feature or accent walls are making their way into so many homes these days. For someone who is looking to add a big statement to a space, feature walls are the answer. Whatever the reason you are looking to do a feature wall in your home or office, peel and stick murals for walls are a fast, easy, and affordable option to showcase your favorite characters, create a scenic view, or make a bold statement. 

Read on to see which RoomMates Decor peel and stick wall murals we love the most!

Elegant Peel and Stick Wall Murals for Any Room

Transform your entire space with just one wall mural. We have a variety of wall murals that are more like elegant pieces of art work for your entire wall, rather than peel and stick wall decor. You will be floored when you see the statements these wall murals make.

Majestic Mountains Peel and Stick Wallpaper Mural

Imagine waking up to a glorious mountain view every day. With our Majestic Mountains peel and stick wall mural, you can! Soak up the fresh mountain air, serene peaking rays of sunshine, and lifting fog each time you walk into a room with this mural on the wall. Stretch your imagination to see if you can find the temple hidden in the trees and channel your inner Zen to relax and find tranquility.

Crystal Geode Peel and Stick Mural

Class up an entryway, work space, or sitting room with our Crystal Geode peel and stick mural. Offered in two colorways, you can embrace your neutral or monochromatic tastes with the grey shade or make a big statement with the blue. This print is so realistic, it makes you feel like you are standing in a real-life geode cave.

Jungle Lily Peel and Stick Wall Mural

Not everyone has a green thumb, and that's okay! For those of you who love greenery but can't seem to keep it around for long, we have a gorgeous wall mural for you! Our Jungle Lily peel and stick wall mural brings vibrant colors and life to your walls and your entire room. Rediscover a knack for plants just by adding this beautiful piece of art to your wall.

Peel and Stick Wall Murals for Kids 

Maybe not just for kids, but for the kid inside of all of us as well! These fun peel and stick wall murals let you put your favorite characters or your children’s favorite characters on the wall in well defined and prominent graphics that speak for themselves.

Stay Wars Original Trilogy Wallpaper Mural

For the Star Wars fan, this Original Trilogy wallpaper mural is truly larger than life and great for a game room or children’s room. This mural was created by Jason Palmer and resonates with all of the original Star Wars fans out there! Still looking for more Star Wars ideas? We have a whole collection of licensed designs to help you pair the right peel and stick Star Wars wall decor patterns with any room in your home.

Marvel Alex Ross Peel and Stick Mural

Are you a Marvel fan? Even if you aren’t, you probably know someone who is. This Marvel Alex Ross wall mural packs a big Marvel punch great for a bedroom, playroom or entertainment area! Painted by Alex Ross himself, this printed mural depicts some of your favorite Marvel characters like Captain America, Thor, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and more. If you love Alex Ross and his captivating comic book art, this mural will show off your taste and reinvent your space.

The Lion King XL Wallpaper Mural

A childhood favorite and classic Disney movie, the movie The Lion King is brought to life right on your walls! Sing along with Timone and Pumba as music plays for Hakuna Matata in the background and bring positivity into your day, putting all your worries aside.

Disney Wall Murals

Sometimes it’s hard to choose a favorite and when you’re a big Disney fan, there’s just so many great movies to pick from! Browse our entire Disney peel and stick wall mural collection and find the right wall mural for your home!

Upgrading the look of a room takes some thought and a lot of work if you choose to do it yourself. For someone who might be a little afraid of dramatically changing every wall in a room, feature walls are the answer for you! For more home decor, check out all of our other peel and stick products.

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