Top 10: Natural Elements for a Stunning Bedroom

Combining your passion for glamor, your love of nature and your affection for comfort has never been easier. Natural Elements, our latest wall art collection , blends modern colors and geometric details with natural tones and organic shapes to create a cozy, calming atmosphere.

We’ve selected three of our favorites from the line and seven additional items to round everything off, giving you a sure fire equation for creating a stunning bedroom.

Keep reading to find inspiration for your next decorating project.

Natural Elements

Modernize your space with a little dose of millennial pink and dramatic gray. Featuring a gold geometric pattern printed directly on the glass, highlight your space with classy details.

Fractual Watercolor Shadowbox

Triangle geometrics create a dramatic moment in your space while maintaining the subtlety of cloudy watercolor and natural agate. Available in two different sizes, grace your space with easy-to-hang wall decor that is sure to make a statement.

Three Triangle Shadowbox

Watercolor Mountains Shadowbox - Blush

Celebrate the majestic grace of the mountains, captured in pink, gray and gold. Organic shapes are stacked on top of each other to create a 3D effect, and the whole scene is highlighted by a bold, geometric background. Available here.

Watercolor Mountain Shadowbox

With a strong design plan established by totally unique wall decor, complete your space with a few extra frills like cozy bedding, fluffy pillows and satisfying succulents. Check out our top picks below.

Natural Elements Inspiration
Natural Elements Bedroom

Were you inspired to create a modern cozy bedroom? We want to see the Natural Elements space you create.

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