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As the year draws to a close, we're reflecting on our favorite moments of 2023 – all of which are focused around the creative, expressive, and unique designs from our amazing community on social media! From mesmerizing transformations to cozy nooks that exude individual style, One Room Challenges to weekend warrior projects, we have rounded up 10 of our very favorite spaces, created by you, featuring our renter-friendly and removable peel and stick home décor products!

Covering the Fifth Wall


Kicking off the list, we have to share this incredible space by Andrea Farrow @andreafarrowdesign. Here, Andrea uses our Ginkgo Leaves peel and stick wallpaper to finish off this modern traditional dining room, demonstrating the power of pattern, palette and textural coordination in a space. The result? A moody, inviting space to gather with friends and family.

If the vertical walls are good as is, but you’re searching for a unique way to add some dimension to the space, why not try the ceiling?!

While you will need to ensure that the ceiling is smooth and clean prior to installation, installing peel and stick wallpaper that coordinates with the overall aesthetic of the space can create a cohesive design that is guaranteed to impress. The effort is well worth it!

A Moment for Monochromatic Mudrooms


Bold, beautiful, and absolutely blue, this functional storage space has earned a spot on our list of favorite projects for a well-deserved reason!

Kate Dreyer @kate_decorates demonstrates the power of a strong color palette in this built-in “mudroom” space complete with our Waverly Exotic Curiosity peel and stick wallpaper, shiny brass hooks, and natural wood tones.








 Fantastic Flips


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, they say. Well, with a flip like this, we have to agree!

Jennifer Beck demonstrates the power of a good bit of TLC on a beat-up cabinet with a fresh coat of paint, some decorative finishes, and some new hardware. Our favorite part? The lining of the drawers in this piece are made from RoomMates peel and stick wallpaper for a completely custom look and feel!

One of our very favorite uses for this product, drawer liners made with peel and stick wallpaper can easily be switched out as the vibe changes. Into florals for a bit and then want to switch to something more subtle? No problem – this wallpaper is even easier to remove than it is to install for quick switching when fresh inspiration hits.




Modern Comforts



 The epitome of modern comfort, this bedroom designed by ____ @blytheinside makes us feel like we are in a ritzy hotel. Combined with the elevated and sophisticated bedding materials and color palette, this Nikki Chu ____ peel and stick wallpaper mural completes the luxe aesthetic with grace.

Keeping a space simple and sleek while incorporating a few dimensional pieces is a great way to embrace minimalistic, comfortable style.



 Brown Boho Bathroom



 In line with the warm neutrals and browns that are on-trend this year, this inviting bathroom design by Malorie @malorieanepetes has stolen our hearts!

From the coordinating tones of the RoomMates Persian Ikat peel and stick wallpaper and wood vanity to the beautifully boho bubble mirror, this bathroom space is a wonderous mix of curated goodness.







Modern Traditional Masterpiece 



An ode to the old and the new, this decked-out space designed by _____ @an1810onoldmiddle features our Jungle Toile peel and stick wallpaper for a fantastical accent.

Original floors, curated and eclectic décor pieces, and a cheeky zebra rug come together for a perfect balance of traditional and whimsical design! 

Not to mention, the symmetrical layout is giving us all the satisfaction.






 Floral Feature



Small spaces can have big personality, and this is a prime example! ____ @le_dame_blance created this superb vintage-inspired bedroom with a cheery pink and green color scheme – RoomMates Vintage Poppy peel and stick wallpaper paving the way!

Paired excellently with the bedding and chair rail paint color, this cozy little spot is a dream come true for floral fanatics.

This pattern is one of our most popular picks, so it’s no question it landed on this list!






 Botanical Bliss



Keeping it simple!

This Tropical Leaf peel and stick wallpaper print fills this small powder room by @sarakatherinehome with just enough dimension and contrast to complete the space. Paired with vining greenery and bright whites, this paper gives the room just enough visual intrigue without overwhelming.








Intergalactic Inspiration



For her Star Wars™ obsessed son, ___ @aheartfilledhome created this super cool themed bedroom using RoomMates Star Wars Blueprint peel and stick wallpaper. Decked out with all of the action figures, plush characters, and coordinating big-kid furniture, its no surprise this is one of our favorite spaces!

The very best part of this design is that when ___’s son decides it’s time for a change, this print can be removed or replaced with ease and no damage or residue left behind!







Design Space Delight

 @tamaradaydesign @tamaraday


Last but absolutely not least, this meeting space in @tamaradaydesign’s studio features her very own Hawthorn Blossom peel and stick wallpaper for a cheerful and modern accent!

Though this print is bold, it can be easily paired with a variety of different materials and patterns, making for a surprisingly versatile addition to any space. Here, it is paired with ash brown furniture, a black and gold chair, and some serene wall art for a contemporary, luxe office environment fit for productivity. Does it get any better?




As the final days of 2023 are upon us, we are gearing up for a new year filled with inspiring and innovative designs, and overall creativity in our beloved design community. We absolutely cannot wait to see what you all will create with RoomMates Décor home products in 2024!

We adore seeing your creations – please share them with us! Tag us on social media @roommatesdecor for a chance to be featured!



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