Tiny House Toddler Loft with Peel and Stick Wallpaper

When living in a small space, creating an area that each person can call their own is one of the biggest challenges, especially when living with a toddler or young child. This is the obstacle the Cunninghams faced in their 350 square foot tiny house on wheels. They solved the problem in a unique and ingenuitive way. With our peel and stick wallpaper, they created a tiny house toddler loft.

Because all three of them share the tiny house loft space, they wanted to create some kind of separation between the parents' sleeping space and the toddler's sleeping space. They used RoomMate's Palm Leaf Peel and Stick Wallpaper to make their little one's space feel bright, welcoming and fun.

Tiny House Toddler Loft

When they first moved into the tiny house, the space hosted built in shelves where they kept their most-used clothes. However, after living there for some time, they realized that they would need drawers to keep everything neat and tidy. As their little one grew though, they decided to push the dresser to the foot over their bed, and dedicate the space to her. 

A Tiny House Loft Space

"After 6 months or so [in the tiny house], we did some rethinking of the sleeping loft and figured out how to give her her own space," they said. "Part of this was because she was ready to transition out of co-sleeping at 18 months, and part of it was our desire to have our bed back to ourselves! Giving her her own space with the fun, lush tropical Palm Leaf Peel and Stick Wallpaper, books, and toys, helped to generate excitement for her."

Toddler Bed In Tiny House Loft

"The pop of color, and the fact that she recognized that we changed this space especially for her, is something she loves," they explained. "She got to help with the peel and stick process, and witnessed the transformation. This has helped to encourage her to go to her 'room' for naps and sleep time with far less drama. We find that after a night or more away from home, she’s so happy to get back to her space. For us, we are happy to have our sleeping space back, even though we still share the loft."

Tiny House Toddler Space

"The Palm Leaf Peel and Stick Wallpaper has definitely defined and brought fun and life to her space. Also, we LOVE plants. But it’s hard to keep live plants happy in the loft when it’s often dark and closed off for sleep. The Palm Leaf paper has the added benefit of bringing that jungle-vibe we love up in to our bedroom loft, without losing floorspace."

Tiny House Family Sleeping Loft

To get this look for yourself, shop our Palm Leaf Peel and Stick Wallpaper, and browse even more peel and stick wallpaper patterns while you're there.

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