The 6 Easiest Ways to Decorate Your First Apartment

So you’ve signed the lease, picked up the keys have the moving van out front of your first apartment. Now what?

Your first apartment is a stepping stone to the rest of your life. When decorating it, there are plenty of things to keep in mind. This is likely the first home you’ve had outside of undergrad, therefore, it should be treated a bit differently. For instance, your new landlord may not be as forgiving with returning the security deposit as they were in college.

You may not be able to change a whole lot regarding the layout, structure and character of the space. However, there are many options to consider that will refresh a room. In order to make sure you get that refund back at the end of your lease, utilize temporary alterations that will make the apartment feel more like home.

1. Act Your Age

Growing up is inevitable, so make sure elements of your new home match your unique style. Instead of furnishing with couches you picked up off the curb, purchase new pieces from a discount furniture store to keep things affordable yet classy. Recognize all the different types of versatile seating available and choose styles that fit your space yet provide comfort and a little flair.

Act Your Age In Your First Apartment

2. Match Made In Heaven

Choose a specific design style and roll with it. Having some continuity will provide clarity throughout the day and even make your home look a little more organized. The hottest trends to copy this summer include minimalism, bohemian simplicity and rustic chic. You can also use peel and stick wallpaper to create an accent wall that brings together mis-matched decor and furniture.

Your First Apartment Is A Match Made In Heaven

3. Peel and Stick Perfection

When decorating your first apartment, it is important to keep things temporary. But, that doesn’t mean you still can’t make things fun! Try using peel and stick wallpapers to freshen up spaces and make areas a bit more exciting. Easy up and easy down, it's the perfect decorating tool for renters.

Peel And Stick Perfection In Your First Apartment

4. Get Lit

Lighting is an often overlooked area of home decor. With floor, table and even hanging lamps to choose from, mix and match colors and textures by choosing individual bases and shades. Lamps can also emphasize trends you’re going for like minimalist, bohemian, or modern. If you’re more into natural light, find some nice curtains that accentuate your windows. Window films are also a great option that provide privacy without cutting out the light.

Get Lit In Your First Apartment

5. Don’t Forget the Utilities

You can also use peel and stick wallpaper on appliances, cabinets and shelves, making a stylish impact in even the smallest spaces. Same goes for the backsplash. Use backsplash decals to come up with amazing combos of sophisticated kitchen decor that are guaranteed removable. These little changes can make your first apartment feel completely like you.

Don't Forget The Utilities In Your First Apartment

6. Accessorize and Adapt

Accessories can pack a huge punch in home decor. They also provide temporary fixes for more serious decor flaws. If you’re not loving the current flooring situation in your new apartment, find a rug that you love to hide unsightly elements. Blankets and throw pillows are also an unexpected way to add a pop of color. If you’re feeling really bold, try adding a stylish mural to an otherwise bland room.

Accessorize And Adapt In Your First Apartment

How do you plan to decorate your first apartment? If you use any of these tips, let us know on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter or send us an email at

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