Shared Bedroom Ideas that Create a Sense of Individuality

While it may be ideal for every child in your home to have his or her own bedroom, sometimes it's just not feasible. Give your kids an opportunity to grow a tight bond in a room that they are comfortable playing, working, and relaxing in throughout the day. Read some of the ideas that we have for you to create a kid-friendly bedroom for siblings who are sharing space, but need to express their individuality.

Shared Bedroom Ideas for Brothers

If you have a pair of boys sharing a room, or even three or four boys, get their input as you plan how their room should be designed. Boys room décor should incorporate adventure without limits, especially the kind that inspires their young imaginations and playtime enthusiasm. Each boy has unique interests and ambitions, so give each a wall that reveals who he is.

We like the idea of incorporating peel and stick wall decals for the boy who imagines himself building a new road or chasing cowboys across the wild West. Dinosaur wall decals are perfect for the budding paleontologist looking for his next big discovery. You could even choose decals that reflect stories your children have been read or heroes they wish to emulate.

If your boys have bunkbeds, you can separate their areas by decorating the bottom space to one’s taste and the top space towards the other one’s likings. Once they have bold wall decals chosen, find bedding that continues to separate each spot, but also picks up some of the secondary colors of the decals. This will really make the boys’ room pop with color, but display individuality.

Shared Bedroom Ideas for Sisters

Girls room décor can reflect their desire to be surrounded by beauty and fantasy. Girls are just as curious as boys, and they like wild things and exploration, too. To appeal to the adventurer in your home, tap into these fun peel and stick wallpaper patterns that can be easily changed as the child ages.


If your daughter is artistic or creative, she'll be absolutely inspired by the pastel and sophisticated Disney Princess wallpaper patterns. If she is a little more adventuristic, try incorporating safari animals or tropical prints to liven up her half of the bedroom.

Once your girls have picked out their favorite wallpaper patterns, simply find matching curtains, a rug, maybe add a play tent into one corner, and layout their favorite bedding to give the room a nice designer touch. If you are short on space and have chosen bunk beds for their sleeping arrangements, you can still separate the close quarters with mix-matched bedding specific to each child.

Shared Bedroom Ideas for Small Spaces

Kids room décor should be simple but fun. By keeping the décor uncomplicated, the children won't get overwhelmed with busyness in a space with small square footage. Their bedroom should be a haven in which they can relax and unwind after another day of adventure and life lessons.

Decide whether their furniture will be trimmed in white, natural wood, or another color so it is cohesive with the wallpaper or wall decals you choose. In small bedrooms, lighter-toned furniture will help make the room look larger. Choosing geometric peel and stick wallpaper also tricks the brain to think a room looks bigger than it actually is.

It's important to provide organization concepts to children with small shared bedrooms. With a small space, consider purchasing furniture with under bed storage. Get creative by incorporating storage on the walls by hanging woven or canvas baskets to store toys and sports gear in. Stackable bins are also a great storage solution that will help maximize floor space. 


Do other rooms in your home need a touch of personality or color? RoomMates Decor has a variety of wall decals and peel and stick wallpaper to make any room cozy, modern or sophisticated. Check out our blog for other great decorating ideas and tips for home office spaces, living rooms, kitchens and more.

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