NEW Augmented Reality Room Visualizer - Press Release

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website which also debuts a truly unique augmented-reality room visualizer. The web app enables customers to see the company’s entire range of peel and stick wallpapers in their very own rooms before purchasing the product.

room visualizer

“We are very excited by this new technology,” says PJ Delaye, President of RoomMates. “This removes the number one deterrent to purchasing wallpaper – the fear of not knowing what it will look like in your room.”

The web-based tool, which can be used on both mobile and desktop browsers, is designed to assist customers in selecting the best product, pattern, and color for their space.

“It is a technology that aligns perfectly with RoomMates’ brand promise of always being fun, fast, easy and affordable. It is that simple to use,” says Delaye.

room visualizer image 2

Users only need to snap or upload a picture of the space they are planning to decorate and upload it to the free web app. The software will then process the photo in seconds and give the consumer peel and stick wallpaper options from the RoomMates catalog they would like to see on their wall, inserting the wallpaper pattern into the room at the correct scale.

“The technology is really cutting edge,” says Justin Emig, director of e-commerce strategy at RoomMates. “I’ve never seen a web app work this quickly or cleanly before. It automatically recognizes doors, windows and furniture and applies the wallpaper around them. It’s truly as easy as 'point and click.' I have no doubt it will revolutionize how people buy wallpaper,” says Emig.

Here's how to use it:

step by step for room visualizer

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