Introducing Lisa Audit

Our list of artists featured in our Artist Series wall decal collection is growing rapidly creating a unique and diverse collection of designer wall décor perfect for any room in your home. Our latest artist has finally made her RoomMates debut. We are excited to welcome Lisa Audit and her picturesque designs to the RoomMates Artist Series wall decal collection.

Lisa Audit

The Lisa Audit wall decal collection captures nature’s beauty on the wall with captivating art transformed into mesmerizing wall décor for any room in your home. From heavenly floral designs to uplifting quotes to inspire all, we were anxious to get to know the artist behind these breathtaking designs. Get to know Lisa Audit and the Lisa Audit brand below.

Could you tell us about the Lisa Audit brand and the journey that has led to it's success today? Since I started to work in watercolors, the response has been overwhelming. People seem to connect even more with this new style.

Please tell us how you got started in the field of art. From a young age I knew I would become an artist. But, it was my first job at a wallpaper design company that steered me toward creating art for home decor collections, wallpaper and home decor.

We know that you love nature themed-art. What inspired your love for nature and flowers? Simply growing up in the country. I have since moved to the city, but when I get a chance, I love to reconnect with nature by visiting the botanical park and taking pictures of flowers.

Can you explain your creative process used to create such gorgeous designs? I start by finding a theme as inspiration, and then colors start to appear in my head. Sometimes it is the colors that dictate the theme! Then I will go through my archives to find the right kind flowers to paint.

We absolutely adore the colorful watercolor technique used in your RoomMates wall decal designs. What do you enjoy most about the watercolor technique? With watercolor you must get it right on the first try. You can't be too fussy or the design will not flow. I like the composition to be loose and layered with varied color transparencies creating depth.

Besides watercolor, what other art techniques do you favor? I like oils because I can mix colors together without worrying about them drying too quickly. Acrylic is also another medium I have used in the past.

What is your favorite Lisa Audit wall decal and why? I would say the flowers. Flowers are always my favorite!

Lisa Audit Floral Wall Decals

We love how you accent a lot of your flower art with butterflies. Do butterflies have a special significance in your designs? Butterflies add life and freedom!

Decorate With Lisa Audit Butterfly Decals

What kind of advice would you give future artists who are looking to pursue a similar career path? If you have a passion for art and you feel that is where you belong, then you will succeed! Follow your instinct; it will lead you in the right direction.

Can you tell us what fans can expect in the near future from the Lisa Audit brand? My next collection is a salute to romance with beautiful palette of pastel flowers and birds and some surprises along the way. I can't wait to share it with my customers.

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