How to Pick the Right Color for Your Room

So, you’re ready for a new look but aren’t sure where to begin. Sure, RoomMates wallpaper, wall decals, and stick tiles come in all sorts of styles and colors, but how do you know which ones suit your room best? Maybe the more important question is, what is the right color for your room?

Yes, it’s true—colors can play into the human subconscious and influence moods, feelings, and emotions. Some colors have even been associated with increased blood pressure, increased metabolism, and even eyestrain. So, how do you know which color to choose? It all comes down to which mood you want to evoke.

Pick White as the Color for Your Room 

Clean. Elegant. Simple. White walls and decor are almost synonymous with modern and minimalist trends. It’s sure to create a calming atmosphere in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and lounges. Accent with organic tones and shapes to make it bohemian, or use sharp edges and high contrasts to make the space Scandinavian.

White Room Decor

Pick Red as the Color for Your Room

Need a little zest in your life? Red might be the color for you. Red particularly excels in enhancing one’s feelings of excitement and stimulating the desire to engage socially. It’s commonly thought to raise blood pressure and increase respiration and heart rate. For that reason, it’s not typically recommended for bedrooms, but is great in living rooms and entertaining spaces.

Red Room Decor

Pick Orange as the Color for Your Room

Orange is entirely unique. Not only does nothing rhyme with it, but it also triggers a physiological response unlike any other color. What might that be? Believe it or not, it’s your appetite. That makes it the perfect choice for kitchens. Since orange shares similar hues with yellow, it’s also great for providing you with a quick burst of energy. 

Orange Room Decor

Pick Yellow as the Color for Your Room

Not a morning person? Get a little boost from the color yellow. Yellow is great for increasing energy and brightening moods as it is excellent at capturing sunlight, making it a great choice for kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms. However, it might be better to enjoy this color in moderation, as some sources claim that people are more likely to lose their temper or become irritated in rooms that feature yellow as the core of their color scheme.

Yellow Room Decor

Pick Green as the Color for Your Room

As humans, we like order. Whether it’s a useful tool that cuts cleaning time in half or a stream-lined approach to managing finances online, whatever makes life easier is usually ideal. That’s because anything that creates clutter and disorder can be anxiety-inducing. So, why not combat it with the color of your room? Green is a color that is considered to be restful to the eyes and is therefore thought to rejuvenate oneself and help rid tensions from one’s mind. Plus, it can help give any room a more natural, outdoorsy feel.

Green Room Decor

Pick Blue as the Color for Your Room

You’ve probably heard it before: blue is the “calming color,” and is said to reduce blood pressure, slow respiration, and lower rate. That might be why we enjoy blue skies and ocean skylines so much. Given its tendency to evoke feelings of relaxation, blue is recommended for bedrooms, bathrooms, and anywhere else to which you might escape to get a little peace!

Blue Room Decor

Pick Purple as the Color for Your Room

Purple enjoys a long heritage of being associated with royalty, luxury, and sophistication. Because the color is a mix of red and blue, it provides a room with a similar calming sensation, but with the warmth that red brings. While it’s not always recommended for bedrooms, lighter hints of the color, such as lavender and lilac, are usually considered to be good choices for just about any room.

Pink Purple Room Decor

Pick Black as the Color for Your Room

The godfather of dramatic decor, black is a versatile decorating tool. Use black furniture and paint to ground and balance a space. small decor pieces and shades of gray add subtle variations and dimension to an otherwise bland space. Or make your room as black as your soul and go goth with head to toe black.

Black Room Decor

What color will you choose for your space? Let us know in the comments and discover these and more products at

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