Happy Camper Wall Decals for the Perfect Atmosphere

Crisp nights, welcoming pine trees, and cozy campfires remind you of treasured experiences spent with those you love. Incorporate those special moments into your little one’s space with Happy Camper wall decals from RoomMates Decor.

Camping  wall decals are sure to bring the outdoors into your space, and birch tree wall decals will create a dreamy forest vibe in an instant.  We’re also featuring our favorite outdoor-inspired decor items that will make your space feel like a camping trip every day.

Happy Camper Inspiration

Camping Peel and Stick Wall Decals

Keep your little adventurer in his element with our Camping Wall Decals. Whether you prefer a tent or a trailer, these decals are guaranteed to add the playful, friendly campground vibes that your family loves. With 24 high-quality decals, design a scene that celebrates your favorite camping experience. Find out more about our camping wall decals here.

Camping Wall Decals

Birch Trees Wall Decals

Quick and easy to install, give your space an instant touch of the great outdoors. Calming and charming, birch trees will lull your little one to sleep with soft gray and green hues. Arrange the 52 decals on your wall for a statement moment that will have your little one falling in love with the great outdoors. Available birch tree wall decals.

Birch Tree Wall Decals

With an amazing room theme established, it’s time to complete the space. Keep reading to view our top decor items that will add to the camping atmosphere.

Happy Camper Room Inspiration

1. Striped Teepee | 2. Mountain Pillow | 3. Bear Throw Pillow | 4. Plush Deer Head Mount | 5. Wood Bunk Beds | 6. Red Plaid Quilt | 7. Green Plaid Flannel Bed Sheets | 8. Red Lantern | 9. Log Seat | 10. Pennant | 11. Green Rug | 12. Wooden End Table | 13. Industrial Table Lamp | 14. Plush Campfire