Get to Know the Designer: Rose Lindo x RoomMates

Ahead of our most recent launch, we got to catch up with the designer, Rose Lindo herself (and her two pups Pepperoni and Meatball), to get to know her a little more and understand the background for all of the designs she created in this new collection. Rose's love for surface design has led her to create wrapping paper, scarves, and so much more! Read on to learn more about the person behind our Rose Lindo x RoomMates Decor launch!
*RoomMates Decor will be abbreviated with “RM” and Rose Lindo will be abbreviated with “RL”.
RM: Tell us a little bit about yourself! Who is Rose Lindo?

RL: I am the youngest of 8 kids and I grew up in a loud and crazy house. It was very easy for me to sneak around in the back as the quiet kid because all of my other siblings spoke for me. Creativity was my outlet growing up and the best form of communication that I had. Drawing and designing help me effectively communicate in my own way with people of all types... age, religion, ethnicity, etc.

I originally started college as an engineer, which only lasted for a year. Then I transferred to the art department to pursue my passion of creating. After college, I moved to Austin, TX and lived there for a while as I searched for a job to do design work. Once that didn’t work out, I started my own business with my husband doing branding work for a lot of wedding photographers. Surface design took off from there and I was able to translate my art to other types of materials that weren't digital.

RM: How do you start your day?

RL: I start my day with our 4 year old daughter Griffin, our 2 dogs Pepperoni and Meatball, and my husband, Thomas. I like to drink a cup of coffee with breakfast, and make a B line straight to my computer to start work for the day.

RM: How long have you been designing?

RL: I have been creating my whole life, but when specifically talking about designing, I have been focused on that for the last 15 years.

RM: Where do you find inspiration for your work?

RL: Inspiration, for me, can be found anywhere. Nature is a big inspiration and I pick up all sorts of ideas on walks, from building architecture, natural texture, different moments in time throughout the day, etc.

RM: How would you describe your design style?

RL: I have a very neutral style. I like to describe my style as organic, subtle, earthy, geometric, simple, and symmetrical.

RM: How has your style evolved since you first started creating?

RL: I used to focus a lot on branding and I'm really trying to get back into illustrating more by drawing the things I love most. From a design perspective, shifting my focus from branding to drawing has forced a subtle change in my style naturally. Drawings are a lot more refined in general. Whereas before with branding, the creative work for different branding projects didn't need to be as cohesive.

RM: What does your creative process look like?

RL: I start out by drawing everything by hand with pen and paper. Recently, I've mixed it up and will start on the iPad and take that over to Illustrator and work with the different elements to see how they will work together. From there, I play around with color once the layout of the design is complete. Color selection comes naturally and I like to play around with different shades to see what colors work best together.

RM: What is the central theme at the heart of your work / design sensibility?

RL: Nature is usually always the central theme.

RM: What do you love the most about the designs you’ve created for RoomMates?

RL: These designs specifically can be used in so many different spaces and create a collection that can be used anywhere, on anything.

RM: What excites you the most about having your designs made into wallpaper?

RL: Everything! It will be so cool to see my designs made into something tangible rather than on a digital screen. I’ve lived in a lot of places and in many different homes. I always wanted to make the spaces feel warm and inviting but was never able to paint. I hope the rooms that my removable wallpaper line will be used in will turn the space into a retreat for people to feel at peace without such a commitment.

RM: Do you have a favorite design in this collaboration?

RL: I love the Woodland pattern. Seeing how it started when I designed it, to seeing what RoomMates had in mind for it was really cool. The process was very collaborative and I got to rework the design to make the pattern feel more woodsy, with birds and branches, which were elements that I never saw being in this pattern before.

We are so excited to have this opportunity to collaborate with Rose. If you'd like to learn more about her, watch the video above and check out her website!

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