Get to Know the Designer: Jane Dixon x RoomMates

Earlier this year, we chatted with Jane Dixon to talk about her new peel and stick wallpaper and decal collection. While discussing the contemporary patterns she created, we also got the chance to know more about her and her journey to becoming a full time artist and illustrator. If you'd like to learn more about Jane, her new RoomMates Decor peel and stick collection, and her work, keep reading!
*RoomMates Decor will be abbreviated with “RM” and Jane Dixon will be abbreviated with “JD”.
RM: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

JD: I was born in Texas. I started out as a fine art painter and would create gallery pieces that I would sell. I painted abstract landscapes and would use a watercolor and rice paper medium. The finished framed pieces would be as big as 4x5 feet. 

Once I got a little older, I worked in art buying and publishing while also making illustrations in text books and designing personal books. Then I moved to Chicago to design party goods. Once I was in Chicago, I did personal illustrations for freelancing which led to starting my own company in 2006.

As time went on, I expanded my business at print shows and with local companies in the Chicago area. Now, I work with a variety of clients that span across the US and into Europe where people can purchase my designs and products.

RM: Do you do any of your own murals in your home?

JD: Yes! But it’s easier to paint on a very large canvas and change it out rather than painting on an entire wall just to repaint it down the road when I want something new.

RM: Where do you find your inspiration to create?

JD: A lot of visuals; shadows on sidewalks, parks, trees and plants and the ways that they move. I also like to use the internet and online searches to look at pictures to help inspire me.

RM: In a few words, how would you describe your design style?

JD: Whimsically sophisticated. Quirky, or a version of quirky, fresh.

RM: What inspires your color palette?

JD: My mood really. I have a classic and evergreen palette that is more tropical. When I feel something different, I shift to warmer tones that might speak to a southern climate.

RM: What made you want to make the switch from painting to using Illustrator?

JD: It was the type of work that I was doing. I went from being a painter to being in the corporate world. When I went to the design department, Illustrator was brand new and I was convinced to buy an Apple computer and learn how to create on the computer instead. 

RM: What do you like more about Illustrator compared to traditional painting?

JD: It’s a lot more flexible. Vector programs keep you from losing any resolution and it allows you to tweak your design however you would like to. The colors you can use are endless.

RM: What do you love the most about the designs you’ve created for RoomMates?

JD: I love the florals. They are big open florals and really lend themselves to being on the wall. They are graphic and bold with a big personality.


RM: How did you come up with the names for your patterns?

JD: I'm big into being spontaneous and choosing whatever comes to my mind. For example, the name Carolina Trail Trellis came to mind when I took a hike through a park and was surprised by the beauty of the wildflowers I saw on that walk.

RM: Which pattern is your favorite in this collaboration?

Today it is Totem.

RM: How do you envision your wallpaper being styled in a room?

JD: Depending on the color palette and the courage of the person who owns the home, I envision my paper being added into living rooms, nurseries, and bedrooms.

RM: What are your hobbies outside of creating?

JD: I like to take my dog for a walk in the forest preserves near my house. I enjoy painting scarves, making rag rugs, and notecards. 

We hope that you enjoyed getting to know Jane Dixon and had fun learning about her new collection! We also have a video on our YouTube channel with Jane Dixon as well if you'd still like to get to know her more. To shop all of these new designs, check out Jane Dixon's peel and stick wallpaper collection.

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