Get to know the artist: Girl Power 24/7 by Ericka Axtle-Ludwig

Ericka Axtle-Ludwig has created an uplifting, feminine-focused brand that empowers and encourages others through positive imagery and affirmations.

“Being a woman, an immigrant, and a minority business owner has really reinforced in me that if you can embrace your own uniqueness and spark your inner confidence, you can make your own individual impact on the world. I want to pass that message on to all women through my inspirationally designed products.” – Ericka Axtle-Ludwig

Starting each day with a cup of matcha, Ericka enjoys working in her outdoor office to create daily affirmations and art that celebrates the feminine light in women all over the world. She finds inspiration from the warm sunlight and fresh energy of early mornings.

This collection features three peel and stick wallpaper designs - Glamour, Yoga Goddesses, and Fun Chic - each with three colorways.

Glamour features eye-catching feminine silhouettes, each created to inspire unapologetic confidence. Yoga Goddesses features an array of women in varying yoga poses surrounded by affirming and uplifting phrases, meant to capture the beauty and strength of the feminine mind and body. Fun Chic features women from around the world coming together to create a community of strong, empowered humans, each blooming with love and individuality.

“You get to choose the woman you want to be; you get to make the rules.”

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