Get to Know the Designer: Nikki Chu x RoomMates

In her latest and greatest product launch, Nikki Chu has taken her love for design to an entirely new level... the wall! With 11 different patterns and countless colorways, the neutral designs that Nikki Chu designed will make any added color in your room come to life! Before the launch, we got to chat to learn more about Nikki Chu and the inspiration she had for this collection. Read our conversation to get to know Nikki Chu more!

*RoomMates Decor will be abbreviated with “RM” and Nikki Chu will be abbreviated with “NC”.

RM: How long have you been involved in interior design?

NC: I’ve been an interior designer for over 15 years. I took my passion for art and creating beautiful pieces to a larger scale where I can design rooms to be one large piece of art work.

RM: Where do you find your inspiration?

NC: I find my inspiration from my travels, hotels, a really cool ceiling in a church. Anywhere that I go really. I’m endlessly inspired by the things around me.

RM: Is your design style separate from your personal style?

NC: As an interior designer, you have to be able to manipulate your design style to fit your particular client and their preferences. My job would be very boring if I designed everything in my style.


RM: Has your style evolved since you first started creating?

NC: YES! If you are not evolving as a designer, you already have one foot in the grave. Evolving is the true expression of being a designer. Being 10 steps ahead and being able to change is where you need to be.

RM: What inspires your color palette?

NC: If I was expressing myself in the world, I prefer neutrals because the majority of people already have a bright color that they love. Most of the time there is a dire need for really elevated, strong neutral product to collaborate and partner with the existing color someone may have in a space already. My design approach is to always incorporate and provide neutral products that layer and work together with a stronger, primary color.

RM: How did you come up with the names for your patterns in your new release with RoomMates Decor?

NC: This collection spoke to me through my trip to Africa, Ghana specifically, two years ago. I went to a bunch of art galleries and their textile markets and I was so inspired by their level of craftsmanship. I came back from the trip completely inspired by the entire continent. It was an experience that I never had in terms of travel. All of the names of this collection are inspired by countries and cities in that region of the world.

RM: How do you envision your wallpaper being styled in a room?

NC: Even in my own home, I can’t wait to put my wallpaper in the bathroom, on the ceiling, floor to ceiling accents, etc. I think that they are patterns that can go anywhere in a home because they are so versatile.



We are so excited to release Nikki Chu’s collection and share these patterns with everyone to have in their homes. Shop all of the Nikki Chu peel and stick patterns on our website!