5 Fun Quarantine Projects Using Peel and Stick Tiles

If you're heading into the holidays feeling a little antsy from the business of life and being forced to stay inside, give yourself a break by transforming your indoor space with a whole new look using peel and stick backsplash tiles. We know you miss your daily commute, but at least you now have more time to channel your inner interior designer. Go ahead and add some spice to your space with these five projects.

1. Staircase Riser

Those dull spaces along your staircase literally play a supporting role with each step. Staircase risers and peel and stick tiles are a match made in heaven. Customize them with a pattern of your choice to give your staircase the kind of bespoke styling that will make your Pinterest hearts swoon.

If you don’t find a tile pattern that suits your style, keep in mind that we offer a variety of peel and stick wallpaper patterns that are great for stair risers as well.

2. Laundry Room Makeover

We know the laundry room is not the most glamorous space in the house, but why not do all that mundane washing and folding in a more exciting and stylish setting? Try vinyl peel and stick tiles! With plenty of styles to choose from, the possibilities for decorating this room are endless. 

Start with the backsplash behind your machines and carry the look over to your folding table. If you're feeling ambitious, take the tiles up behind your open shelving.

3. Dream Bathroom

Suppose you aren't quite ready to take the plunge with a total bathroom remodel, but you want to revamp that old, cracked bathroom tiles that make you cringe. You can still enjoy the pattern, color and clean look you crave with minimal investment of both time and money. Add some flair to your sink's backsplash with a cheerful tile pattern in a maintenance-friendly vinyl that is easy to clean and dry. 

4. Entry Way or Mudroom Upgrade

If you want a reason to get excited about returning home after a much-needed quarantine-friendly walk, give your entryway or drop zone some fresh, upbeat styling. A pretty and durable peel and stick tile pattern can line cubbies and open shelves that hold bags, backpacks, hats, and mittens. Use any leftover tile to create a cute floor mat. You can easily wipe it clean when muddy boots or paws leave prints behind.

5. Fresh Workspace

Does working from home mean that your desk looks something like a makeshift folding table or an old computer station you've had since college? If a stale workstation leaves you uninspired, changing it up with fun peel and stick tiles that cover stains or the entire surface can help motivate you during your work day. Add some matching accessories, by covering desktops, wastebaskets, and memo boards, you just instantly upgraded your work area. A quick wipe from a dust-cloth will keep your new vinyl-tiled workstation squeaky clean.

All RoomMates Decor products are easy to install even if you have no experience with home improvement projects. The comprehensive collection is affordable and easy-to-maintain, with patterns and colors to suit every taste. Best of all, you can change your mind and start fresh at any time without damaging your walls.