Environmentally Friendly Company Initiatives

This week, we want to celebrate the Earth. In doing so, we have partnered with One Tree Planted to plant a tree for every peel and stick wallpaper and peel and stick wall mural purchase between April 19th and 25th (samples excluded). By making a purchase, you are joining us on our mission to better the Earth. Over the years, we have thought of new ways our company can reduce its carbon footprint and how we can work every day of the year to make less of an environmental impact. Continue reading to learn about our eco-efforts!

Internal Water Treatment and Recycling

We manufacture our products right here in the USA, which helps us provide many locals who live in Central Pennsylvania with a good job that offers competitive pay. That being said, we are also aware that any waste or bi-products that we create during the production process directly impacts the community around us. To prevent that from happening, our production facilities that require water during the printing process have an internal water treatment unit that treats our water to surpass local quality standards. Once the water is used and treated, it is recycled back into our facility to be used again and again during printing.

Shipping Adjustments

We used to ship all of our products for our orders out in plastic clamshell containers. Gasp! We know, not eco-conscious at all. So we made a change. That’s where cardboard shipments came in. We stocked up on cardboard boxes of all different sizes to perfectly fit the customer orders we receive. This has helped us eliminate thousands of plastic containers from being added to landfills across the world.

Earth Week Donations

We know that as a company, we can do more. As we try to figure out the logistics for changes our company can make as a whole and take steps to reduce our carbon footprint, we are looking to help. That is why we have partnered with One Tree Planted to contribute to their reforestation efforts around the world. We are thankful for this partnership and hope to contribute to more non-profits like this in the future!

Thank you to all who have purchased peel and stick products from us already this week, and thanks in advance to those who are going to purchase! Your intentional purchase has and will help us do great things for the environment.