Easy Updates for an Old Bath

If you’re dreaming of a new bathroom for that old house you call home, you might be thinking it’s never going to be anything but a dream.

Believe it or not, there are easy updates for an old bath. You don’t have to strip your house down to the studs and start from scratch. There are some easy changes you can make that use the fixtures you already own.

Easy Bathroom Update

Dive into the Tub

Start with a dramatic change. An old, damaged bathtub or shower can really make you feel hopeless. You might even be sure that you’ll need to have the whole thing ripped out—and you don’t have the time, budget or patience for that kind of overhaul.

Bathtub Update

However, you can easily update your existing tub and shower by using a liner. A custom liner designed to fit your tub or shower can be quickly installed right over your old fixtures, so they look just like new.

If you’d like a new sink or vanity, those are easy fixes as well. A plumber or handy person can quickly disconnect an old one and put in a new one. Or, you might consider just putting a coat of paint on your vanity and getting a new countertop and sink for it.

Turn On the Shine

Easy Faucet Update

Once you have a shiny new tub or shower liner, you’ll definitely want to update your faucets. Even if they are working fine, years of grime often dull the original shine. Picking new ones will bring your bathroom up to date. Switching out faucets is a simple task for a plumber or do-it-yourselfer.

Design tip: For a cohesive look, make your metals match. Decide on one metal finish and stick to it for your sink and tub faucet. You’ll want the other metals in the room, such as your shower curtain rod or paper holder, to also coordinate.

Wow the Walls

RoomMates Blue Distressed Peel And Stick Wallpaper

Getting a fresh look on the walls will make a giant difference in how your finished room appears. Fresh, clean paint and trim are a must. Look for a paint designed to use in bathrooms that’s been formulated to stand up to the moisture of your steamy showers. Don’t forget to paint the ceiling!

In an older home, sometimes paint alone won’t do the trick. If the walls aren’t particularly pretty, you can make them so by moving from paint to wallpaper. RoomMates Peel and Stick Wallpaper brings in modern design elements, like the look of shiplap or distressed wood, and covers many fine flaws. Keep in mind that peel-and-stick wallpaper should only be used on room’s walls and not on shower walls. Featured above is RoomMates Blue Distressed Wood Peel and Stick Wallpaper. Shop even more trendy designs perfect for your bathroom in the RoomMates Peel and Stick Wallpaper collection.

Finish with Textiles

Bathroom Textile Update

New textiles are a necessary step in a bath remodel. A cushy, plush rug and soft, warm towels bring in the comfort you need. A bright shower curtain works like a piece of fabric art to brighten the room. Coordinate the colors with your walls and floor.

Complete your easy bathroom remodel with a few accessories that turn your bathroom into a spa. Add a lovely scented candle, luxurious soap and soft hand towels, and your bath will feel like new.
Lea Schneider is a nationally recognized organizational expert. Lea writes about decor, storage and organizational tips for The Home Depot. To review options for simplifying your bathroom renovation, you can visit the Home Depot website.

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