Create a Chic Millennial Pink Office With Blush Inspiration Wall Art

Enchant your space with blushing pinks, beautiful gold accents and statement-making typography. Full of motivation and style, Blush Inspiration Wall Art combines all those elements to perfection with chic designs for the modern space. 

We’ve selected seven of our favorite wall decor items from the collection and paired them with seven additional office essentials to create the most fashionable cubicle in your building.

Blush Inspiration Wall Art

For an extra dose of inspiration, hang our marble and gold shadowbox on your wall to create a stylish and inspirational moment.

Get It Girl Shadowbox

Get Stuff Done Coffee Canvas

We’ve all had a rough morning, and in those moments the only thing that will make it better is a cozy cup of coffee and a well-placed compliment. Get exactly what you need for a trying morning with a super stylish pink watercolor shadowbox. Available here.

Bring Me Coffee Shadowbox

Remind yourself to stay positive and mentally strong with the promise of a beautiful life. Flushed peonies intertwine with metallic lettering for a gorgeous moment in a second.

Happy Mind Happy Life Shadowbox

 Add a little dose of classy flair with Ooh La La Shadowbox. Backed by gold brush strokes in a grid pattern and a faux pink marble circle, golden typography gives your space a French highlight.

Ooh La La Shadowbox

Like A Boss Shadowbox

Featuring a pink and mint green snakeskin print, show the world that you run things like a boss. With gold typography printed directly on the glass, update your space with a touch of inspiration. Available here.

Like A Boss Shadowbox

Be the Energy you want to attract

Even if you’ve had a bad day, this shadowbox is here to remind you that you are valued and important. With statement-making geometrics, hang in your office or living space for a quick, uplifting moment. Available here.

You Are Gold Shadowbox

XOXO Lips Peel and Stick Wall Decals with Glitter

Give your walls a little bit of love with XOXO Shadowbox. With gold brushstroke typography over a pale-pink pattern, bring a little extra positivity into the world. Available here in two sizes.

XOXO Shadowbox

With an incredibly gorgeous office theme established, use our top picks to complete the space for a boss lady who is bound to take over the world.

Blush Decor Room Inspiration

1. White Desk  | 2. Faux Zebra Rug | 3. Table Lamp | 4. Eyelash Mug

| 5.Basket Organization

 | 6.Marble Notebook 

| 7. Faux Peonies

Blush Inspiration Decor
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