Color of the Year and Biophilic Palette Choices

As you already know, we have revealed our 2021 Color of the Year: Green Aloe, a healing hue that exemplifies new ideas and fresh perspectives. Green Aloe is not alone though! It is accompanied by a palette of three additional colors, Cali Coral, Painted Desert, and Aqua Pura. Altogether, these four colors speak to biophilic design, trends in interior fashion, and the forward-thinking innovation and signature style that defines all of our RoomMates peel and stick products.

Each color is versatile and fitting for a variety of interiors styles, including bohemian, midcentury, rustic, traditional, and modern. To learn more about the intention behind choosing these 2021 colors, keep reading!

Green Aloe

Drawing on trends from the Pantone Spring 2021 color trend highlights palette, the RoomMates Color of the Year is meant to signify the change that we see coming. Putting 2020 behind us, we are looking ahead to a bright future.

The entire Green Aloe collection is meant to signify the light at the end of the tunnel for the challenges that 2020 brought us, but it also symbolizes a way to welcome the growth 2021 will give to us. Abraham Maslow once said “One can choose to go back to safety or forward toward growth” and our 2021 motto is to move onward and upward in the direction of positive development. Green Aloe also shines a light on rejuvenation, healing, and calmness, which is much needed during stressful times.

Not only does Green Aloe show diversity, but it speaks to evolution, which is the key to our customers who are finding their identity through fresh perspectives, ever-changing designs, influence from the outdoors, and other natural concepts. Homeowners, renters, and mobile lifestyle enthusiasts make up the evolving RoomMates customer base who is not afraid of putting in a little work to see a big transformation.

Cali Coral

As part of our four color biophilic palette, Cali Coral is coming in to make a statement! This shade of pink is more decisive, experimental, and embracing of color change than traditional interior palettes. When including Cali Coral in your space, expect to add a more high-end edge to your residential space.  Bridging the gap between interiors and fashion, Cali Coral walks a line firmly between glamour and nature with both sophisticated nuance and petal soft beauty.

Cali Coral, a sophisticated and fashion-forward color, highlights the optimism of the new year. We love our Waverly Lotus Lake peel and stick wallpaper for any room because of the punch that it packs, even in a single feature wall!

Painted Desert

An energized earth tone, Painted Desert is the best of many grounded colors rolled into one! The most sophisticated of the 2021 color offering, this salt-of-the earth-anchoring natural color is prone to lend itself to Bohemian, rustic, industrial and global interior trends.

By dressing it up, or keeping it cool, your color choice can be unique to your style and design taste. Accent your room with natural elements like plants, wood-tones, and neutral shades to curate an intrinsic space. Our CatCoq Jaguars peel and stick wallpaper might just be the intuitive pattern you are looking for.

Aqua Pura

Cooling waters in soothing motion set the pace of the final color in our biophilic palette, Aqua Pura. The most therapeutic of the 2021 color palette, this shade of blue blends seamlessly with all of the other color options as well. Liquid, natural and restorative, it provides the same effects as pure water: energy, life and renewal.

Rising to the surface for a breath of fresh air, Aqua Pura provides a pool of useable color that blends with any décor style from Mid-Century to Neo Traditional. Don’t be afraid to introduce this color to your home. Start gradually with a wallpaper design like our Oxidized Metal peel and stick pattern and work your way up to bolder prints.  



Each color in this naturally focused palette plays well with the others; from Green Aloe to Aqua Pura, any color can take center stage, or act as a supporting player within many of our wallpaper patterns and intricate designs.

How are you going to use these colors in your home this year? After a long 2020, it's time to feel refreshed, relaxed, and hopeful for the growth we will reap from such a challenging year before. Shop our selection of peel and stick wallpaper to find the right rejuvenating shade for you!