Behind the Design with Andy Westface

Meet Andy Westface!

Andy is a Hong Kong-based artist and illustrator. His artwork beautifully captures the joy and liveliness of animals and rainbows while giving them a whimsical flair. His designs are especially suited for nurseries and children's rooms, and RoomMates is thrilled to feature his artwork in our wall decal collection.

While we weren't able to meet up with him face-to-face, we got to interview him virtually to learn more about him, his inspiration, and his creative process. 

RoomMates: Coffee or tea?
Andy Westface: I love tea, especially the green tea. I like the smell and taste of it. If brewed correctly, it should taste slightly sweet. And I also believe that green tea can help me stay relaxed and healthy.
RM: Early morning or late night?
AW: Definitely late night! In those hours, the world is so quiet and nobody expects anything from me. It’s a calm but creative time.
RM: City or countryside?
AW: I live in Hong Kong, and I am already used to the benefits of living in the city. I think when you live in an urban jungle like Hong Kong, you may love it too. A place that never sleeps, life is never the same each day. There is always somewhere to go, somewhere to eat, and always something miraculous to marvel at.
RM: Have you always been a creative person?
AW: Yes, I believe that I’m a creative person. I love daydreaming, I have good observation skills, and am curious about everything and anything. I always want to do something nice, interesting and different. I'm obsessive and don't like compromises, especially when it comes to something I care for, like creating illustrations.
RM: What three words best describe your style?
AW: Simple, Colorful, Happy.
RM: What is at the center of all your artwork?
AW: My artwork is always about saying, "Don’t give up your dream, and try your best to have a happy life. Don’t dream your life, live your dream." And I consider animals and rainbows important elements in my artwork because of their purity, sincerity and their most joyful color in the world.
RM: What was your inspiration for the Rainbow Fox and Panda Nursery designs?
AW: I can’t tell where the inspiration of the Rainbow Fox came from. One day in the summer of 2014, it just suddenly appeared in my head. I just remember that I wanted to make a unique illustration about fox. I’ve always loved the beauty and colorfulness of the rainbow, and then the Rainbow Fox appeared.
The panda design Rock On is a different story, it is inspired by a photo of a panda sitting on a rocking horse. It's supper cute and funny. I'm crazy in love with it. So I decide to draw that idea into an illustration with my style.
RM: What makes you excited about seeing your artwork as peel and stick wall decals?
AW: I’m glad to see my artwork translated to peel and stick wall decals. I always thought it was a convenient and fun way to decorate with cutouts or giant stickers that can be placed in any room of the home, especially for the kids's room. And I hope my artwork can brighten and bring a smile to every kids room.

Want to see more from Andy Westface?

Shop his entire collection of peel and stick wall decals here and visit his website to see more of his designs. 

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