Back to School Peel and Stick Essentials

Whether you are getting ready for the first day of kindergarten or move-in day for your freshman year of college, we have all your decorating, organizing, and planning essentials covered.

With modern designs, unique patterns, and stylish applications, take decorating off your to-do list. From multi-purpose wall calendars to funky wallpapers, get ready for a stylish back to school season! 

Keep reading to discover our top back to school picks, plus a few hacks and tricks along the way.

Dry Erase Wall Calendar

The easiest way to keep all your events, due dates, and to-do lists in order and on time, use these fully customizable wall decals to make to-do lists or leave encouraging notes; it's functional decor at its finest.

Dry Erase Calendar Wall Decals

Personalize your locker with Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Turn your locker from gray and drab to colorful and inviting! Simply cut peel and stick wallpaper to size, line it up, and smooth it into place. Choose a whimsical pattern like Bohemian Orange Peel and Stick Wallpaper or a bold floral like Hydrangea Peel and Stick Wallpaper.

DIY Your Locker With Peel And Stick Wallpaper

Customize Your School Supplies

Peel and stick wallpaper can be used on more than just walls! Customize your favorite back to school organizational tools and supplies.

Customize School Supplies

Make a Statement Wall with Star Wars Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Bring the rebellion to your walls and personalize your bedroom or dorm room in seconds. Just peel and stick to a smooth surface for a one-of-a-kind Star Wars Blueprint Peel and Stick Wallpaper statement.

Easy Statement Wall With Peel And Stick Wallpaper

Use Window Films to Add Privacy

Whether you are on the first floor of your dorm and need some extra privacy, or you just want to decrease the harsh light coming through your window, find the solution in Window Film Stick Shades from RoomMates. They use static cling technology to keep them in place, so you don't have to worry about leaving a sticky residue behind: perfect for rentals and dorms.

Add Some Privacy With Peel And Stick Shades

Create Custom Desk Decor

Peel and stick wallpaper is versatile and can be used to customize anything with a smooth, clean surface. We love this personalized take on desk decor.

Use Peel And Stick Wallpaper To Customize Decor

Keep Everything Organized with this Fun Take on a Weekly Planner

From assignments to events, get your week lined up with our Letter of the Week Chalk Wall Decals. With chalk included in the packaging, just peel, stick and use!

Peel And Stick Chalkboard Weekly Planner

Create Unique Storage Solutions

Design a peek-a-boo affect with some fun, organic-looking peel and stick wallpaper for a unique take on storage.

Unique Storage Solution With Peel And Stick Wallpaper

DIY Some Artwork with Peel and Stick Wallpaper

A fast way to add some pattern and color to your wall, use peel and stick wallpaper to create personalized, abstract wall art.

Create DIY Artwork With Peel And Stick Wallpaper

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