7 Small Bathroom Storage Solutions

Does your tiny bathroom make you hate the phrase, “Don’t sweat the small stuff?” Anyone with a cramped house knows dealing with a small space can be a big issue. This is especially true in the bathroom, because being able to get out the door on time and in a great mood depends on how well you deal with the small stuff. Try tackling your small bathroom organization instead of sweating it with these seven small decor and bathroom storage solutions for a smoother start to your mornings.

1. Get Hooked

Bathroom Hooks

Sometimes you can’t have floor-standing shelves in a bathroom, because the footprint of the space just doesn’t allow for it. If you can’t add shelves, you can have a row of decorative hooks. Not only can they hold robes, towels and clothing, but toiletries and beauty products as well. Use the hooks to hold pretty pails, sorted by use. That way, you can easily take down the pail of your make-up and set it by the mirror as you use it, then hang it back up out of the way when you are finished.

2. Get a Vanity that Works

Bathroom Vanity

Consider whether your vanity is working for you or against you. Too often, you feel stuck with the vanity that came with your house. A mini-remodel may be in order if it would make your daily life easier. Consider a compact vanity that offers organization and storage solutions, such as one with cabinets, drawers and a shelf that will hold towels or baskets of products. Place items you use occasionally, such as first aid supplies, in a lower shelf or out-of-reach area to maximize optimal storage for more frequently used items. Having just your daily toiletries right at hand makes it faster to find what you need.

3. Create a Theme With Decorative Decor

Ocean Wall Decals For Bathrooms

Add a theme to your bathroom walls in just a few minutes! RoomMates Wall Decals are printed on high-quality peel and stick vinyl and are perfect for customizing bathroom walls to match your decorative style. Or try Floral wall decals Floral wall decalsfor a more sophisticated look. Peel & Stick decals can be applied to apply smooth, flat surface. Stick on walls, sinks, soak dispensers, step stools and more! Decals are also a great bathroom decorating option because they are durable, removable and leave no damage to your surfaces when removed.

4. Go Vertical

Bathroom Shelves

Tall, thin storage shelves, sometimes as narrow as 12 inches, can easily be accommodated in small bathrooms. A thin vertical tower holds rolled towels, baskets of face cloths and containers of cotton balls in an attractive manner, so your stored items look like an artistic feature. You can also consider adding a wall cabinet or shelves to the space over your toilet.

5. Be Selective About Display

Bathroom Vanity

Maximize space by reducing clutter. Be selective about what you choose to display on your vanity top, as well as how you display it. Choose only those items you use daily and enjoy seeing. Set out a beautiful soap dish, or fill decorative canister with cotton swabs. Consider a pretty tray or basket for corralling your must-have products.

6. Store Your Towels Creatively

Spa Bathtub

Clever towel storage must come into play in a small bathroom, as towels take up a lot of space.  Try placing a basket of towels on the edge of your soaking tub, on the floor next to the tub or on top of the back of the toilet. Other ideas include:

  • Using a wall-mounted wine rack to hold towels.
  • Adding wicker or metal wire baskets to the wall to hold folded towels.
  • Adding floating shelves to hold rows of rolled towels.
  • Keeping fewer towels in the bathroom. Store extras in your guest room or an adjacent closet.

7. Use Extra Wall Space For Organization 


Small corners that are too tight for shelves can still be perfect for organizing. Add hooks to hold your hairdryer and curling iron, or mount a toothbrush holder to save space on the vanity.

Keep your bathroom tidy and organized, no matter how small it is, with these smart storage solutions. When everything you need is tucked away where you can find it quickly and easily, you’ll be out the door with a smile in no time.

Professional organizer Lea Schneider shares her expert advice and writes her tips for The Home Depot. Small bathroom organization is one of Lea’s specialties.

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