5 Uses for Window Film

Window film gives homeowners more than just one way to spruce up old windows or make a statement in a room. There are several alternative uses for what many consider plain privacy window film. Here are 5 neat ideas to try if you’re looking to use window film in a unique way.

1. Change Up the Glass

Drapes can be hard to match to decor or they might look imposing in certain windows, but window film that is plain or that has a design can add both privacy and beauty with little effort. Use window film as a covering for just about any glass surface. Cut a piece of window film in a diagonal, horizontal, or vertical line to fill half of a window pane. Then alternate each pane (top or bottom or side to side) to create a cool pattern perfect for your room.

2. Hide Cabinet Chaos

Cabinets with glass fronts can create a stylish kitchen or reveal your cabinet chaos. Chipped mugs, mismatched plates, and disorganized pantry goods can catch someone’s eye and ruin the good impression they have of your home. With a number of designs to choose from, you can use a window film to cover up the mess easily.

3. Create Faux Stained Glass

Achieve the look of luxury at a fraction of the cost with a stained glass window film. Recreate the grand look of stained glass on any of the windows of your home very easily. Our Stained Glass Leaves window film helps give any window in your home a distinct and elevated look for a fraction of the price of custom made stained glass windows.

4. Create Privacy Through Frosted Glass

The interior design style labelled "farmhouse" decor has had a recent and updated surge over the past 5 to 10 years. One way people are embracing this look is by recreating old farm doors to have multiple panes or one single giant pane of glass so the doors in their homes look unique. For added privacy, use a frosted film to block out panels on French doors or a bathroom door that contains glass panels. 

Looking to make a glass conference room a little more private? You can install our Mosaic window film to create a frosted glass look and separate the room without sacrificing the aesthetic.

5. Create a Private and Spruced Up Front Door

A Craftsman-style door is an impressive entrance to your home, but the sidelights, the long window panes on the left, right, or both sides of the door, can make it easy for the mail carrier, neighbors, or door-to-door salesman to check and see if you are home. A film cut to the right dimensions can block prying eyes from seeing inside and increase the security of your home with little effort.

For a front door that is lacking in style, use a decorative window film to create visual interest in your glass door. You can also apply a film to a sliding glass door that opens to the patio or pool without minimizing too much natural light.


Windows films have many uses and are capable of achieving numerous special effects. Whether for the office or at home, give these window films a try to create the perfect, functional look. See how creative you can be while incorporating window film in the rooms of your house.

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