5 Areas To Add A Wood Plank Wall In Your Home

When it comes to statement home improvements, a decorative wood plank wall contributes a polished look with timeless appeal. Providing warmth, texture and rustic-sophistication to any room, DIY wood walls just got a lot easier with peel and stick Wood Wall Planks. An innovative game-changer with its industrial bonding adhesive, RoomMates Wood Wall Planks are constructed with three layers; a high-density fiber core, and a hardwood stabilizing veneer top coat finish resulting in a high-quality finish with guaranteed strength and durability.

Keep reading to discover five areas to add a wood plank wall in your home.

1. Living Room Wood Plank Accent Wall

Make the living room the focal point of your home with a breathtaking wood wall. A great way to create a warm and inviting space, a feature wood wall is the perfect way to easily accentuate any living space.

Create A Scene With Wood Wall Planks

1. Cameroon Peel and Stick Wood Wall Plank

2. Bedroom Wood Plank Accent Wall

Add a decorative plank wall to any bedroom to unleash tranquil vibes. Whether you decide to plank a full accent wall or create a chair rail, your bedroom becomes your personal haven with the presence of a plank wall. Providing a warm and cozy feel, simply peel, stick and relax.

Wood Plank Accent Wall In A Bedroom

3. Primitive Kitchen Wood Plank Wall

All feature walls do not have to be large-scale. This small-scale wood plank feature wall adds just the right amount modern farmhouse style to the kitchen. Finish the space and add dimension to your wood wall with floating wood shelves, perfect for housing cups, plates and more.

Warm Wood Wallplanks In A Kitchen

4. Bathroom Wood Plank AccentWall

A quick solution to refreshing bathroom renovations, a feature wood plank wall instantly adds character and style to any bathroom. Just peel, stick, then soak it all in.

Wood Planks In A Bathroom

5. Modern Rustic Office Wood Plank Accent Wall

Reclaim your office walls with Wood Wall Planks. Making you feel right at home, a wood wall provides an office space with a therapeutic ambiance and serenity. Contributing natural texture and warmth, instantly create a functional workspace dedicated to getting the job done in style.

Wood Accent Wall With Wood Planks

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