3 Ways to Use Wall Decals in Your Space

New year; new decor! Start the year off right and use wall decals with refreshing DIY design moments that can be added in an instant as you revitalize your mind and body for the year ahead.

Wall decals are a quick and simple option for updating any room. From statement walls to headboards, we have three ways for you to incorporate decals into your space.

1. Statement Wall

We design wall decals for every, making it simple and easy to personalize a statement wall that’s 100% you. Use one of our smaller decals sets like our Gold Foil Hearts to create a shining grid pattern.

Statement Wall Decals

Featured above: Gold Foil Heart Wall Decals.

2. Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are an ideal way to add character in a room, and they are no longer just limited to framed wall art. Incorporate wall decals or other three-dimensional art pieces to create one larger installation. Add fun flair to your gallery wall with big statements like our Giant Eiffel Tower Wall Decal or more subtle additions like Glitter Eyelash Wall Decals.

Gallery Wall Decals

Featured above: Eiffel Tower Giant Wall Decals, Glitter Eyelash Wall Decals

3. Headboards

A statement-making headboard is essential to every bedroom, but they can sometimes be bulky, expensive and unruly. Instead, create a no headboard headboard. A natural floral scene or a loving quote wall decal can anchor a space and create an elegant focal point.

Headboard Wall Decals

Featured above: White and Pink Floral Bouquet Wall Decals, Always Kiss Me Goodnight Wall Decals

We want to see how you use wall decals in your space. Find us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest and use #RoomMatesDecor to show us your space.

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