3 Ways to Transition Your Home In and Out of Holiday Decor

After the winter holidays, you take down the Christmas tree, store the menorah in the attic, and purge the house of everything else that’s remotely holiday-related. After you’re finished, you realize something important: It’s still winter, and it’s going to be winter for at least two more months! 

If you don’t want to lose the festive feeling of winter, read on to discover a few tips for transitioning out of the holiday season while keeping the winter ambiance to brighten the dark days ahead.

1. Plan for the Transition by Decorating with Cozy Textures

Fuzzy blankets and plush decorative pillows with snowflakes or sparkles can serve your living area all winter long. Whether you want to put these accessories out before the holidays or wait for the final cozy room reveal once the holidays are over, you can’t go wrong! You’ll love the feeling it brings to your home once all of your holiday decorations are added in for the second phase of decorating.

If you think ahead when doing this, purchase decorations that are very easy to take down and easily stored. Lighten your overall workload with festive decorations like Christmas trees that are easily disassembled, fairy lights that go up quick, and seasonal wall decals that say “Merry Christmas” on them. 

2. Emphasize Decorations that Are Not Holiday-Specific

If you celebrate Christmas, you may be tempted to decorate the house with multiple trees of different sizes, wall quote decals that reference Christmas songs, stockings, and plush elf and Santa toys. All of these decorations are great, but what happens when Christmas ends? You may gather your holiday decorations, store them in a box in the attic, and be left with very little to enhance the presence of winter in your home.

The good news here is that you don’t have to stick it out with bare walls and decoration-less coffee tables until spring. So what’s the best way to compromise? Learn how to make a room cozier with decorations that aren't holiday-specific, of course! Make sure you have other decorations to last through the next few months of winter. Snowflakes, snowmen, pinecones and acorns, some winter berries, and festive “welcome” signs will bring a bright touch to an otherwise dull season.

3. Utilize Green Plants to Brighten the Season

Greenery doesn’t have to mean warm weather! Think of wreaths, garlands, and common houseplants. Use as much green as possible, like wreaths that aren’t holiday-specific, plant wall decals, and any other plants you can bring into your home (even fake ones!) to give the season a pop of color and life that doesn’t come from your holiday decorations. When you transition out of the holidays, those green plants might just keep you going until the spring — and some of them may blend in with your spring décor, as well!

January, February, and March don’t have to be boring. Keep the winter spirit alive with festive decals and peel and stick wallpaper that can be easily and safely removed from your walls when spring comes. Comb through the selection at RoomMates Décor to find your perfect winter fit.

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