3 Benefits of Giant Wall Decals

Do you love the idea of floral wallpaper, but you don’t feel like wallpapering an entire room? If you like changing up your home’s décor and you want a flexible, mess-free option for doing so, check out our wall decals! Our wall decals add a great deal of character to any room along with three major benefits to a variety of spaces. Keep reading to learn what extra large wall decals can do!

1. Divide a Shared Room

If your children frequently argue about how to decorate their shared room or play space, you can simply get them their own wall decals. Or, if they’re not enthused about sharing the space in general, you can divide the room with large-sized decals to denote one side for one child and a separate space for another.

Your children will love the selection of brightly colored rainbows, superheroes, and forest animals that can make their room feel like one of their favorite TV shows or fantasy lands. Several of our extra large wall decals can function as wall murals for when you want to update your children’s room, but are hesitant to paint. Get your kids excited about this quick project by allowing them to scroll through our gallery and pick their favorites!

2. Make a Bigger Statement

Giant wall decals are, as their name suggests, extra large. Go with an inspiring quote for the bedroom, bathroom, entry way, or laundry room, get fancy with greenery-inspired decorations in the middle of winter, or simply add a touch of elegance to your living area.

If you frequently entertain guests, make them smile with a quirky reminder to wash their hands, or if you love your nature theme, you really can put flowers and leaves anywhere: Dining rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens could add an unconventional, but elegant touch. Remember, these removable wall decals won’t hurt your paint, so feel free to experiment!

3. Relocate For a Fresh Look

Many of our giant wall decals are designed for a particular space: “Wash Your Hands” goes perfectly in a child's or guest bathroom. On the other hand, we also have designs like our blue watercolor brushstroke which is the perfect extra large wall decal for a living room, but without hesitation, can also be moved to a bedroom or dining room area for a fresh look. Maybe your kids are tired of their Disney Princess decals and want to trade you for your illustrated townhouses. That’s OK, too because all of our wall decals can be reused time and time again!

A valid reason why many people don’t install their favorite wallpaper, even if it would look great, is due to the time they would have to spend doing it as well as the risk of causing irreversible damage to their walls. Thankfully, that is not the case with our peel and stick wallpaper or decals! Our wall decals can be easily and safely applied and removed without harming your walls. Browse our selection of giant wall decals at RoomMates Decor and pick your favorite today.