How to Apply Transfer Wall Decals

A Step By Step Guide To Applying Transfer Wall Decals

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Prior to application, make sure your wall is clean and dry. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth or slightly damp sponge to ensure that it is free of dust or dirt. If your wall has been recently painted, do NOT apply your wall decals. Wait at least two weeks after painting before applying.
Unfold the sheets and spread them out on a surface or floor near the desired location for your decal. Decide how you would like your design to look—it doesn't have to match the picture—and locate the appropriate pieces on the sheets.
Use a pair of scissors to cut apart the sheets so that the separate pieces can be handled individually, following the dotted lines as guides if they are present. This will make it easier for you to put together the finished product. Cut as close to the edges of each piece as you can.
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Slowly remove the white paper backing from your first piece. The decal should stick to the clear film. If it does not, re-apply the film, place the decal on a flat surface, and smooth with a credit card or plastic smoothing tool. Peel the backing away again, pushing the decal to the film as you proceed.
Carefully apply the first piece to the wall in the desired location. The film should stick easily to the surface. Using a credit card or plastic smoothing tool, firmly rub the decal to the wall. Use short motions and rub from the inside out, adhering the decal to the surface and forcing out air bubbles.
Slowly remove the clear film from the decal. If the decal begins to peel away with the film, re-apply both to the wall and use your credit card or smoothing tool to rub the decal again. Repeat with the next piece until you have assembled the entire design. Remember: transfer wall decals cannot be repositioned after application, so be careful!

Once you've applied all your pieces, take a step back and admire your handiwork! In the future, if it becomes necessary to remove the wall decal, slowly peel each piece away from the wall and discard.

With patience and care, even the trickiest transfer decals can be applied. If you get stuck, don’t fret: our customer service department is here to help.