Beyond the Brand With Patina Vie

Timeless trends, innovative designs, vintage charm…these are just a few words to describe Patina Vie, our newest licensor to join the RoomMates family. Their team of talented artists led by founder and creator, Sarah Willett, are driven by their passion and love for vintage style. Sarah has successfully built a brand true to its roots creating every product with fashionable detail and timeless quality.

The distinct look felt throughout the collection of Patina Vie wall decor brings a fresh perspective on nursery wall art. Featuring adorable baby animals, inspirational quotes, and muted variations of pastels, the Patina Vie collection stands apart from the masses, becoming a must-have for new mommies.

Read on to learn more about the inspiration behind the exclusive Patina Vie designs in our one-on-one with Sarah Willett.

Meet Sarah WilletSarah Willett: Owner and Creator of Patina Vie

When did your love for antiques begin?

 Sarah: My adventure begins with my love (obsession) of antiques, vintage, and bespoke detail, and my first job, at an antique shop at the age of 12. Every paycheck  was spent on turn-of-the-century treasures and jewelry “just because they made me happy”. (Note: I realize this is less than cool for a 12 yr old, but I’ve always been my own cat… couldn’t resist the treasures).

Can you tell us about the Patina Vie brand and the journey that has led to its success in the home decor industry?

Sarah: Jump 30-ish years ahead... and my devotion to craftsmanship and fashionable detail has become my everyday. In the early days of Patina Vie, we started with an inventory of one-of-a-kinds that were curated from my travels. Many weekends were spent with my daughter, husband and bulldogs driving back roads filling our truck with loads of delicious history. Still my favorite way to spend a weekend!

Our business had launched and we were shipping vintage and antiques around the world from our little cottage garage in Wisconsin. We’re honored to have our curated collections available on, and

What inspires you?

Sarah: Designing fashionable new products has been a passion of mine forever and ever.   We're wildly inspired by gorgeous materials, timeless craftsmanship, and a fresh spin to everything we touch. "We" refers to my team of talented women who are truly my FAMILY.   We've all worked together for years and are unapologetic in our obsession with cool design and amazing products. We celebrate our casual lifestyle with our stylish products and authentic brand, PATINA VIE. It's a dream come true for me to be a part of such talent. We support each other, push each other to new levels, and balance one another. As the saying goes, love what you do and you'll never work a day in your life. We are ever thankful. Most days, you'll find each of us with a dog snoring under our desk (or a kitty sleeping on our laps). There is no time clock and shoes are always optional (goes well with ponytails and fresh-faced conference calls). Lucky, lucky are we.

What is the meaning behind your brand’s name, Patina Vie?

Sarah: Patina (Italian) the covetable, subtle, luscious layer of age that graces copper, leather, wood, plaster, and people (smile). Vie (French) for life. My lifelong celebration of tumbled imperfection, history, and style that can’t be manufactured, planned, or duplicated. It lives in the real moments of everyday and gets better with time. Patina Vie is simply a charming front door to our authentic life + style. So glad you’ve found us!!

Patina Vie has partnered with RoomMates to create adorable wall decor. What is your favorite piece in the collection?

Sarah: Not a fair question at all!! To our delight, the collection is truly a splendid mix of flavors. Each has its own personality and spirit. I have each of the pieces here in our art studio and they make me smile everyday. I couldn’t possibly have a favorite!

Patina Vie Stay Wise Little Owl Shadowbox

Patina Vie Animal Peel and Stick Wall Decals

We love how the Patina Vie collection features modern baby style with a vintage twist. Where do you find product inspiration?

Sarah: We adore nostalgic touches and subtle, artful details that celebrate craftsmanship.  We’re inspired by nature, vintage textiles, travel, European soulfulness. We are always striving towards the idea of taking pieces of history and pairing with modern twists. Beautiful in products, home and life…

Patina Vie Some Bunny Loves You Wall Planks

If you had to choose three words to describe the Patina Vie brand, what would they be?

Sarah: Nostalgic, casual and inspired.

What are your favorite colors and materials to work with? 

Sarah: I’ve been craving colors and materials that are earthy with a fashion twist.  My go-to colors right now are matte white (love), washy indigo, vintage gold, dirty lavender, and subtle warm blush (so good). Materials that I adore are endless… wood that feels unfinished (in a “Southern France” sort of way), canvas and textiles that celebrate the fibers (raw edges, contrast stitching, imperfect weaves), glass that’s kissed with touches of metallic, ceramic that has subtle artful layers (fine crackle, organic washed glazes). Basically, anything and everything that feels authentic and hand-crafted!

Patina Vie has great products in furniture, bedding, dinnerware, and now wall decor. We are dying to know… what’s next for Patina Vie?

Sarah: Such a juicy good question. We have so many amazing partners and projects in the works right now. Simply not enough hours in the day! We are just launching a delicious collection of rugs. They all feel like the perfect combination of casual vintage plus fashionable style. We are also launching wallpaper (the prettiest papers ever), wedding plus bridal (romantic/artful invitations), natural stone entertaining (marble serving pieces that are simply delicious), journals, calendars, craft (beautiful artwork brings these categories to life), and outdoor and garden (I can’t get enough).

Click here to explore the entire Patina Vie collection at Roommates.


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