Wall Stickers

Stickers are fun to play with and apply, aren't they? Kids always have a blast putting them on their toys, in books, or school supplies, but those stickers aren't always easy to remove and lose their stickiness, but RoomMates' stickers for walls are different, and here's why!

How RoomMates Wall Stickers Work

Our wall stickers use a unique adhesive backing that sticks firmly to walls and other smooth surfaces, but doesn't fully form a bond. When you put up a RoomMates wall sticker, it will hold tight but still peel away easily allowing you to use again and again. This means no sticky residue or leftover backing on your walls. Because our unique adhesive never bonds, when you peel the sticker away, the backing will still be sticky! This makes our products both repositionable and reusable.

Easy Application

Our peel and stick wall stickers come with two pieces: the wall sticker and the liner. To apply, simply peel the wall sticker off the sheet and stick it to the wall. That's it. Really big designs come in multiple pieces and assemble like a puzzle, so you can avoid large elements sticking together.

Apply your wall stickers to the wall in seconds, and there's almost no measuring required getting them up. They don't require any holes in the walls, and forget about hammering nails or drilling in screws! All you have to do is peel and stick.

We Believe...

Our peel & stick wall stickers are the easiest way to decorate any room of your home from bedrooms to living spaces. They're easy to use, inexpensive, and can even be removed and repositioned. Pick from a wide variety of styles and decorating options. Shop the largest wall sticker collection here!

Take Your Wall Stickers Beyond The Walls

There's something else you can do with RoomMates that you can't with other wall stickers. You can apply our products to virtually any smooth surface, not just walls. Put them on doors, ceilings, furniture, lockers… even your car! RoomMates' removable stickers make temporary decorating a breeze and are perfect for creating a unique and creative space for any age. Plus, they are the go-to solution for apartments, dorm rooms and temporary housing where nails and hooks need to be kept to a minimum.


Fit Our Wall Stickers To Your Space

Short on space? No problem! RoomMates wall décor stickers can be cut to fit any area, whether it's big, small, or somewhere in between. Even our largest designs can be placed in a custom configuration. Apply branches instead of the entire tree in your powder room or closet, or cut off the edges of popular characters to give the illusion that they're "peeking" around the corners of your child's bedroom. Creativity is endless for both kids and adults!

Safe For Kids Rooms & Nurseries

Yes! Kids can use our wall stickers to decorate bedrooms, playrooms, bathrooms, and other areas in a way that is totally parent-approved! RoomMates are safe, non-toxic, easy-to-apply wall stickers that kids love using to decorate their spaces, especially since they are 100% removable, and the wall stickers can be placed on anything that is painted or has a smooth finish – so use them on furniture, ceilings, doors, windows, toy boxes, or anything else that needs a decorating “pop.” Just peel and stick!

Plus, we use only the highest quality vinyl to create our wall decals. So when you put our products in your baby or child's bedroom, you can apply them with confidence, knowing they're made in the USA and free of unknown chemicals or harmful ingredients. Our wall stickers are free of lead and phthalates, and can be safely handled by even the smallest hands.

One More Thing You Should Know...

There are a lot of names for wall stickers. Wall decals, wall graphics, wall clings and even wall appliques. But no matter what you call them, RoomMates has them! Transform your space and shop our fast, fun and always affordable wall décor here.