Wall Panels Wall Decals & Room Decor

Wall Panels Wall Decals & Room Decor

Wall decals meet wall panels with RoomMates Decorative Wall Panels

Out with plain walls, and hello bold colors and patterns! Our line of peel and stick decorative wall panels are the perfect mix of everything that we love about wallpaper and wall decals. Plus, they are removable and resuable!

By taking the hottest trending patterns such as chevron, zebra, or typography, we created easy-to-install, repositionable decorative wall panels. Great for renters, dorm rooms or any other space, these decorative wall panels can be hung vertically or horizontally to create accent walls in your home for added versatility.

Applying Your Wall Panel

RoomMates Decorative Wall Panels are 16.95" X 60" and come in one large sheet or panel. Hanging your wall panel is easy and should take roughly five minutes.

When applying your wall panel to the wall, we recommend peeling the panel from the backing as you go. To begin, peel the backing off the top of your wall panel and stick it to the wall. Step back and make sure it is positioned just the way you like it. Then work your way from the top to the bottom of the panel, pulling the backing down and pressing the panel to the wall as you go.

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