Removable Wall Decals

Decorate walls with removable wall decals!

If you’re living in an apartment or dorm, decorating a child’s room, or creating a themed space for a party or event, your wall décor needs to be affordable, easy to apply, and – most importantly – temporary. Luckily, RoomMates’ removable wall decals are just what you need to decorate without breaking the bank or causing you to lose your security deposit.

What makes our removable decals so special?

Well, unlike traditional stickers or decals, our products use a special adhesive backing that sticks securely to any smooth surface, but comes away cleanly without leaving behind any residue. The adhesive is strong enough to keep your decals sticking, but doesn’t form a “bond” with the surface, allowing the designs to come away easily… and without taking your paint along for the ride.

Removable Wall Decals For Apartments, Dorms and More

If you’re searching for removeable wall decals for your apartment, dorm, or rented living space, we have just what you need. Our designs range from sophisticated and modern to fun and playful, and we have decals for kids, adults, and everyone in between. We have a huge variety of removable decals that are perfect for any event or space you can think of!

Why choose RoomMates over other brands?

Well, others may claim to have wall decals removable from any surface, but only RoomMates truly peel away easily, without leaving behind any residue or ruining your paint. Our decals aren’t just removable, either: they can be repositioned and reused over and over again. We also work hard to keep our prices low, so you don’t have to spend a fortune on your temporary wall décor. And finally, our selection of wall decals simply can’t be beat! We have hundreds of designs, and we’re always adding more.

So if you’re looking for that perfect removable decal for your rented living space or next birthday party, check out our huge catalog of wall stickers. We’re pretty confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for!