Vivian Greene Wall Decals and Room Decor

Vivian Greene Wall Decals and Room Decor

Motivational words of wisdom meant to inspire...

Vivian Green brings personality to the walls of a home with one-of-kind quotes like,“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning to dance in the Rain”. Decorate with meaning by adding these 100% removable and repositionable wall decals to the walls of your space.

Now you too can dance in the rain with Vivian by adding these warm wall decals to your space.

Vivian Greene aspires to spread her messages of greater love and awareness to all that come in contact with her work. An artist, author, and entrepreneur, Vivian Greene is well known for her one-of-kind quotes, words of wisdom that define the life journeys that we embark upon on a daily basis.

Her in store community service programs, events, endorsements, crowd funding, speaking engagements, dancing, and promotions consistently spark innovation.

Vivian’s creations, ranging from inspirational quotes to her syndicated comic strip, KISSES, appeared in 23 countries, sold more than 100 million greeting cards, and changed how the product category was sold. She is most proud of the fact that these sales and licensed products helped support more than 300 million children.

Greene’s intrinsic values are recognized by business moguls who seek her advice, and major corporations, who are encouraged to balance the highest good with the bottom line.

Vivian also enables artists, authors, photographers, speakers and visionaries to serve others and prosper by turning their works into inspiring products.

Today, her Dance Your Dance® series has been called "The Number One Secret to Happiness" and is an all time leader in the industry.

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