Scroll Sconce Peel and Stick Wall Decals with Bendable Butterfly Mirrors

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Scroll Sconce Peel and Stick Wall Decals with Bendable Butterfly Mirrors


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Product Details

Add a touch of elegance to your room with RoomMates' Scroll Sconce Wall Decals with Bendable Butterfly Mirrors!

Transform your space in minutes with our Scroll Sconce wall decals featuring four bendable butterfly mirrors. Perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms, these wall stickers offer a quick and easy way to decorate any space.

Get creative! The bendable butterfly mirrors provide a unique accent to the Scroll Sconce wall decals. Hang your Scroll Sconce wall stickers horizontally and use as wall decor above a headboard, sofa or entertainment system. These wall decals are a black and silver making it easy to coordinate with wall colors and furniture.

Your Scroll Sconce wall decal set comes with:

  • 24 wall decals composed of different pieces of the scroll sconce
  • Two butterfly mirrors - 4.5”wide x 3.5”high
  • Two butterfly mirrors - 3.25”wide x 2.4”high

Where and How to Apply

Your Scroll Sconce wall decals with Butterfly Mirrors are easy to assemble and apply. Choose any smooth, flat surface when adding these wall decals to any space. For surfaces that have been recently painted, wait at least 48 hours to apply your wall decals.

To start, slowly peel the individual pieces of the Scroll Sconce wall decals from the high quality peel and stick backing and apply them to the wall. If you position it incorrectly the first time, don’t worry! Our wall stickers are completely removable and repositionable making it easy to fix mistakes without damaging the wall or wall decal!

Once your Scroll Sconce looks exactly the way you want it, add the Butterfly Mirrors to the Scroll Sconce Please note our bendable mirrors are not removable and repositionable like RoomMates Wall Decals. Gently bend the wings to the Butterfly Mirrors toward you to give it the ultimate 3D effect! Use the images on the RoomMates packaging to give yourself some type of direction as to where you want to hang your Butterfly Mirrors or simply hang them to your liking! In minutes, this wall decal set will transform any room!


4 sheets of 10" x 18"
decals range from .75"wide x 2"high to 9"wide x 16.5"high - (2) Mirrors - 4.5"wide x 3.5"high - (2) Mirrors - 3.25"wide x 2.4"high

Number of Wall Decals:

24 Decals + 4 Mirrors

5 2