Patterned Dots Wall Decals roomset
Patterned Dots Wall Decals peel
Patterned Dots Wall Decals roomset
Patterned Dots Wall Decals peel

Patterned Dots Wall Decals


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1 sheet of 18" x 40" rainbow measures 42" x 22"

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Got boring, white walls? Not anymore! RoomMates Patterned Dots Wall Decals are perfect for college students, renters, even young professionals looking to spruce up their office space.

If you want to personalize your walls these perky and colorful floral dots will transform your room from drab to fab in only minutes!

Using these repositionable wall decals is a snap: Just peel each pre-cut element from the liner and smooth it out on your wall or flat surface of choice. The decals apply easily, and can be peeled away, replaced, and moved again without any residue or damage.

The secret to making RoomMates‚ wall decals so wall-friendly is a specially formulated adhesive. While the decals grip the surface tightly, they don‚'t bond to your walls. And when you go to move them, they won't take any paint off your walls or leave behind any stickiness.

What You Get

RoomMates' Patterned Dots Wall Decals are a great way to add a pop of color to any boring dorm, living area, bedroom, or even the bathroom! For less than $15, you'll get 20 decals ranging in size from two inches to more than nine inches on four sheets. Patterns vary on each dot and feature shades of purple, orange, green, red and blue.

The set includes:

  • 5 blue-green circle decals in varying sizes
  • 4 purple decals
  • 4 green decals
  • 3 yellow decals
  • 2 red decals
  • 2 orange decals

This product is printed on opaque material, which makes it suitable for any wall color.

A Perfect Pair

You can purchase multiple quantities of RoomMates' Patterned Dots Wall Decals to cover a large area for a whimsical wallpaper-like look. The dots can be evenly spaced out across a wall to create a feature wall look that can instantly brighten up a space.

The Patterned Dots Wall Decals also pair well with other popular products in our wall decals line. The colors match our Riviera Giant Wall Decal to create a cohesive look throughout your space.

Or, for a young girl's room, mix and match the dots with our Graphic Flowers Decals. Other popular pairings include RoomMate Gerber Daisies Wall Decals and mia & co Chrysanthemums Transfer Wall Decals.

Caring for Your Decals

Your wall decals are easy to clean if dirt, dust and grime build up on your wall no special products are required. Just use a slightly damp cloth and a touch of hand soap. And, when you're ready to remove your wall decals, start at a corner and slowly peel them away from the wall. Place them on the liner they came on, a piece of wax paper or parchment paper. Roll up and store until you're ready to move the decals to their new home.