Mossy Oak Border roomset
Mossy Oak Border
Mossy Oak Border roomset
Mossy Oak Border roomset
Mossy Oak Border peel
Mossy Oak Border place
Mossy Oak Border roll
Mossy Oak Border dimensions

Mossy Oak Border


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1 roll - 5 inches x 15 feet

Perfect for the outdoorsman, walls get a fresh, new look with Mossy Oak Peel and Stick Border by RoomMates.

Backed using peel and stick removable technology, install this wallpaper with ease on any smooth, flat surface of your choice. To hang, remove the backing and smooth onto walls. Use a smoothing tool to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles. To remove, simply peel away and watch your border effortlessly come off of the wall while keeping walls 100% safe and clean. Complete with modern designs that are sure to thrill, it’s the easiest wallpaper border you’ll ever hang.

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