Hoppy Pond Wall Decals roomset
Hoppy Pond Wall Decals

Hoppy Pond Wall Decals


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4 sheets 10 inches x 18 inches | Decals range from 4 inch x 3 inch to 7 inch x 5 inch

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Create your very own mural with this set of Hoppy Pond wall stickers.

This pack comes with its own little water pond, tall grasses, lily pads, and whimsical flowers that you can place anywhere you'd like. Complete your masterpiece with a few pond critters, colorful centipedes, butterflies, dragonflies, goldfish, swirly snails, and fun-loving frogs. It all comes together to create fun and fresh decor for kids.

This product is printed on clear material for a "stenciled" look. White or light-colored walls are recommended for best results.

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