Peel & Stick Decor: Frequent Questions

What is Peel and Stick Decor made of?

RoomMates Peel & Stick Decor is manufactured using the same proven proprietary adhesive used onto the millions of RoomMates Wall Decals already sold throughout the world. This product is engineered for easy application on and instant removal from smooth, flat surfaces. It is repositionable, removable and reusable, and never leaves any sticky residue on the applied surface.

How do I apply Peel & Stick Decor?

Applying Peel and Stick Decor is the easiest wallpaper you’ll ever apply. Just peel and stick on the wall or any smooth, flat surface. Find detailed instructions in step-by-step hanging guide and watch how easy it is to install here.

Do I really need to clean my surface before applying this product?

For best results, we do recommend the surface is cleaned and dried to ensure best results. To clean, use a sponge or cloth and gentle cleaner or mild detergent. Make sure the surface is completely dry before applying product to it.

What surfaces are best to apply Peel & Stick Decor on?

Peel & Stick Decor can be applied to any smooth, flat and clean surfaces and includes the following:

  • Walls
  • Doors
  • Entryways
  • Cabinets
  • Stairs
  • Furniture
  • Frames
  • Mirrors

What surfaces should I not apply Peel & Stick Decor to?

Peel & Stick Decor will not adhere to unclean or heavily textured surfaces. Do NOT apply to lacquered furniture. Please note, the fading of furniture exposed to sunlight is not related to the use of our product.

If unsure of your surface, we recommend testing in an inconspicuous area before applying. When testing or using product, keep away from cribs and out of reach of young children to prevent choking hazard.

Can I apply Peel & Stick Decor on newly painted walls?

Please allow newly painted surfaces (and freshly hung wallpaper) to fully cure for a minimum of 4 weeks before applying this product.

Is Peel & Stick Decor easy to cut?

Yes! Use scissors or a razor knife to cut the product into strips or to customize to your space. A razor knife is recommended when trimming.

Can I clean the product once it is on the wall?

Yes. RoomMates Peel & Stick Decor is washable and can be cleaned using a mild detergent and a damp sponge or cloth.

How do I remove Peel & Stick Decor?

To remove this product, start at the top corner and gently pull firmly, evenly and slowly downward, working parallel to the surface. Be careful not to over stretch the material. Do not allow the adhesive surfaces to make contact with each other as they are very difficult to separate without damaging.

Can I reuse this product after removal?

Yes! Peel and Stick Decor is reusable. Use on walls. Peel off and reuse for another project. Sticky residue is not left behind on surface when removed.